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The resiliant merchant

Who are they? The Sinclave family leads the most powerful organization in Entrelai. They is the merchant guild, every merchant that wished to have recurrent bussines with the city, need to gain approval and pay fees to this organization. In theory, this applies to all Entrelai. In practices, it applies mostly to comerce in their biggest town and cities. As its harder to control the smallest places.


The organization follows a piramidal stucture. The current family lead sit on the top. The rest of the family below them, each of them controls a different Brand. Around 70% of the brands are used to just cover Spiralai, with the 25% restarting covering the rest of the big cities in Entrelai. The 5% remaining cover the rest of the country and the relation with other countries.   Any large town or city will have at least a buidling for this organization, this is normally called, the resiliant building.


The organization has a main HQ in spiralai, this building is not sitting in the noble district, but close to the west entrance. This is the old family stronghold and is still used as the organization HQ. The also have several smaller buidling distributed thought the city and the rest of entrelai, which deal with day to day issues of the stablishment assigned to them. They normally also serve as shopfront themselves, offering the most sold products by them as well.


When the closed area that would become Spiralai was settled. It was settled by two different groups, each of them leaded by one family. Those two families are The Cristal, who would become the royal family and the Sinclave, who would get this organization founded, after a political marriage to consolidate power.

To serve, to gain, to future

Founding Date
Guild, Merchant
Alternative Names
The resilient chosen of Sinclave
Parent Organization


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