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South Chezri Trading Company


Due to the freelance nature of a lot of the traders, it's difficult to get an accurate count of the exact number, but at any given time there could be dozens of ships both on routes and docked across south Chezri and the Chezrian Archipelag.

The most valuable asset they have is definitely Chezrian Wheat. Between the inhospitable climate of most of the Chezrian mainland, and frequent pirate attacks on their shipments, the demand is usually much higher than the supply.

Its debatable whether the company technically owns the wheat itself or not. The company is technically run by Gok-Rock, which also runs most of the agricultural infrastructure, but the exact heirarchy is a bit more nebulous than that, again, due to a lot of the merchants, sailors and the ships themselves being hired on a freelance basis, or, in the case of the ships, rented rather than owned outright.


The trading company came about almost by accident.

The Island Tilkens of the nearby archipelago are world-famous for the sailing prowess and adolescent silk sails; when people started using the unusually fertile land in south Chezri for farming, it made sense to use the ships they already had to start shifting any excess to people who needed it.

Over time, both the settlements around Gok-Rock and the trading company itself grew organically and haphazardly into the sprawling network of farming and commerce that they now represent.

Corporation, Commerce
Notable Members

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