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A Rilanga corporation that used to produce a wide range of household appliances.


By 1 NZR, Vota consisted of three branches which specialized in certain product categories.
  • Vota Maka: housekeeping appliances such as washing machines, ovens and vacuum cleaners
  • Vota Ruimbatre: entertainment devices such as music players, radio receivers and television sets
  • Vota Ruvalre: computing hardware such as personal computers, input devices and storage media

Public Agenda

The company's full official name was vohegi mi taki which translates as "progressive appliances". They enjoyed depicting themselves as innovators with a mission to make modern technology available for every household.


By the time the Final War began, Vota owned numerous large factories around the Zugnur Sea and several near the Zugderi Sea. As the leading manufacturer of a wide range of consumer devices, they were among the wealthiest corporations in the Rilanga Union.


Vota goes back to a small factory that produced washing machines from the year 87 NZR onwards. Over the years, they extended their portfolio to include numerous other household appliances. They started by branching out to dishwashers, electric ovens and refrigerators.   In 61 NZR they were among the first manufacturers of civilian radio receivers, and by 53 NZR Vota had established itself as the leading brand for television sets. When progress in transistor technology made personal computers possible in 9 NZR, the computing branch of Vota was founded to provide those to its customers.


Although the leading family and several of their researchers escaped to the shelters in time, all factories and administrative buildings were destroyed by the end of the Final War. The plans for several patented technologies were still in the survivors' possession, but without production facilities, they were of little use. Eventually, those patents were given up to the centrally-organized research initiative which focused on rebuilding Ranul's infrastructure.

Tan ki map.

87 NZR - 0 VZR

Corporation, Manufacturing

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Author's Notes

So here's the company whose logo I will stick onto various devices in the Op Family's shelter. I also had a look at Earth's technological development to get plausible time scales for broadcasting and computers - one day I'll need to have a closer look at Ranul's technology through the ages.   Is there any section that needs more details? And what do you think of the company logo?

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