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Webb of Desires


Grand widow - Yours truely, the one and only Narcissa Holzstein whom is the leader directly in charge of everything.
Black widow - The black widows serve as the most elite and trusted of Narcissa's brood. They are expert dungeon delvers, treasure hunters and in many cases also barterers.
Weaver - The weavers make up for those part of the webb who lack the talents necessary to become a widow, but carry other valuable attributes or contacts which serves the group.
Widow - The widows serve the same function as the black widows, but either lack in trust or skill to take on the more dangerous tasks.
Spiderling - Spiderlings make up for everyone else that have some role within the webb. It could be anything from a simple coach delivering supplies on the orders of their weaver surperior or a young widow in training.


While technically a legal organization, the group carry a certain stigma around it, which is sure to have come from their trade in secrets and ancient artifacts. After all, many cultures consider some relics theirs by birthright or due to religious terms. Others fear for the ancient magics which some artifacts hold, and that it can too easily fall in hand with the wrong people.   Those who are allied with the group may however take a breath of relief, as they secure the more dangerous and powerfull items that they unveil. Knowing that while profit and living in luxury is important to them, it is not critical unlike the power and control which their relics give them.

Public Agenda

To the outside world, the Webb promises to aid the world uncover it's ancient truths and lost histories. They tell half lies on how they shall dread the darkest and most terrible of places to bring back artifacts, if the coin is well.   In truth a lot of them do actually care to restore history, but many of their greater and even unorthodoxly selfless deeds are often overshadowed by the Widows plight to catch the power of the seventeen sacred daughters of Valence.
Financial, Merchant League
Parent Organization
Related Ethnicities

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