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The Steel Circle

The Steel Circle is a collection of powerful guilds that set up outposts and facilities that specialize in the main components of steel manufacturing. Each division of the alliance focuses only on one aspect of steel making. They create outposts that similarly focus on that one goal and they are entirely controlled by that one division. They believe that specializing in separate areas leads to refined practices that increase speed, quality, reliability, and the efficiency of steel making.   As these newer outposts are located at the edges of controlled lands, employment opportunities abound for the determined, the adventurous, and the unscrupulous. Escalating issues in some of these remote areas, such as Saberford, have recently required new divisions to be created and occasionally work together in certain outposts. As time goes on, the successful and long lasting outposts eventually become towns and cities.


This organization is an alliance of powerful guilds who have decided to work together and focus on steel production. Each member has sole authority over their particular division of the steel making procedure. Those divisions focus on either, obtaining iron ore, limestone, coal, or firewood, as well as smelting, transportation, and protection. Outposts are then set up in order to acquire the necessary materials.   In order for an outpost to be created and paid for, all members of the “Circle” must agree. This is often affected by the group's available resources, supply, demand, and cost-benefit analysis. Generally each outpost has only one function, and that is based on the division that controls it. Rarely do multiple divisions work out of the same outpost. The goal is to be separate, but rare instances do occur that require multiple divisions to work together in the same outpost. In those situations, all decision must be agreed upon by all outpost divisions.


The "Circle" believes that their new method of creating bases that focus on obtaining one particular ingredient leads to more efficient and less costly practices. The startup is expensive and potentially dangerous but the reward is immense, as the organization will then be obtaining nearly 100% of that particular material.

Public Agenda

The main goal of the "Circle" is to set up various outposts that specialize in a single aspect of steel production. They believe that if an outpost focuses on one goal then it will be able to produce more materials and in a more cost effective manner. They can then ship the resources where ever they need to and create the steel and forge whatever items are required.


The exact assets and wealth of this organization is unknown.  However, as a major distributor or iron, steel, and its products, it is well known that the "Circle" has access to a wide array of numerous magical weapons and armor, as well as the nonmagical kind.  It is easily assumed that they have also amassed a large treasury in which to pay mercenaries or hire locals as a fighting force.  Their main source of funds is used to continue to support their outposts as well as establish future bases.  These stations and their resources are the main source of income for the organization.
Corporation, Mining/Resources
Alternative Names
Formerly known as the "Iron Alliance" before expansion.
Controlled Territories


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