The Amber

The Amber is the only trading corporation in Varenval that trades with other nations, and it is directly controlled by the Empire. The Amber was founded during the early years of the reign of the Amber Empress, and despite opposition to the Amber throughout the rest of the Borean, it has grown to be a critical player in all trade in the Borean.   The Amber primarily operates out of Yastlet, a large town in the southeast of Varenval that is a day's ride away from Hession's Wedge. Yastlet is not the Amber in and of itself, but the Amber owns all the buildings in the town and nearly every individual in the town works for the Amber in some way (though few receive any payment for such work). The Amber instead offers its employees "free housing" and "discounted food", which helps keep their workers in perpetual poverty and thus unable to either rise against the Amber or leave the Vale altogether.   The Amber controls the trade of most ingots and ores in the Borean, and it also sells an incredible amount of pelts, lumber, magical components, and weapons. Because the Amber is largely controlled by the Empire itself, the Amber is able to undercut prices of any competitor nations and thus secures exclusive trade deals with trading caravans out of Endref, Konard, Daendar, Anwer, and even Tsrach occasionally. The Amber does not, itself, conduct any trading outside of the Vale and only a few high-ranking members of the organization are allowed to leave Varenval to conduct activities as needed in other nations.    All products sold or otherwise traded by the Amber (even if they were only purchased and then re-sold) are marked with the symbol of the Varenval empire surrounded by a somewhat uneven oval. This symbol is added to the item through whatever means would preserve the symbol for the longest period of time. For pelts, this would include branding the symbol on the pelt, whereas for smaller components, the symbol may be etched in or applied through magical means.
Corporation, Commerce


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