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Wisu Enterprises

Wisu Enterprises is the main rival to the Hilvasya Group within Eoion. Their name is derived from the number three in Eoin, wi, as the corporation was originally a set of three independent companies who came together to form Wisu Enterprises. The first was a large restaurant group highly active around Padenet. Along with this was a banking firm and finally a fleet of commerce ships.   While the Hilvasya Group controls a good portion of the banking and rice trade, Wisu Enterprises is mainly known for their involvement in national banking and restaurants. Their ties to shipping are less well known and mostly not discussed by the group unless specific investors are involved.   Despite their concentration within the empire, they also have large interests in Yzel. In particular, they are very prominent in Padenet, a large resort town that caters to the ultra-wealthy of the continent. They own the largest of the resorts, along with many restaurants and dance halls in the area.   Much like their counterpart, their head, Yulia Nakako, splits her time between the headquarters and the royal court. At times, she and Andrea Rusa are allies and at other times they are rivals. Both have a healthy respect for one another. Yulia works most closely with Zora Shiroko in the department of the Treasury and Orina Ule in Workers and Agriculture.
Corporation, Conglomerate

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