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Verenigde Wabu Company

The Verenigde Wabu Company (commonly known as the VWC) is a global trading conglomerate which is primarily active in and around the tropical Wabu Islands. The VWC trades silver and luxury products from the south for local tropical spices. The VWC ships these spices back to their headquarters in Madamsrest where they catch quiet a pretty penny.


The VWC is a transnational corporation with offices all along the northwestern trade-routes. Every office outside of Madamsrest is staffed with a combination of Madamsresters and locals. These locals are employed by the VWC in a variety of jobs: as cartographers, mages, sailors, smiths, soldiers, writers, or as simple unskilled workers   The VWC makes use of mages as hydro- and aeromancers to increase the speed of their trading ships. Some additional mages are also hired on warships to be used as ranged fighters and to save some money on cannons. These mages are highly valued employees, and are often given special private quarters on the ships the accompany. Meanwhile the sailors are threaded extremely poorly and some of the higher ups in the company says that the VWC consumes over 2.000 people every year.   The VWC is ruled by a body of shareholders, with the largest 68 forming the board of directors. Each of these directors has veto rights and together they decide on how the VWC will expands it business. These positions are not hereditary, but because they are linked to wealth in practice they so good as hereditary.


The VWC owns over 25 trading posts alongside the northwestern trading-route, between which 30 trading ships and 10 military ships sail. The military ships are mostly there to protect the traders against privateering and to protect the company's interests. The main office of the VWC is the Wabuhouse in Madamsrest, which is home to over 300 company employees such as cartographers, accountants, traders, and servants.
Corporation, Conglomerate
Alternative Names

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