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The Shipyard

Ships; a vital vehicle for many professions to transport goods and people. The Shipyard is one of the biggest companies in Hesli that provides the finest ships in all shapes and sizes. They create a wide range from small fishing boats to big transport carriers. Everyone wants to get their hands on a Shipyard's since they are renowned for their durability and quality.  

Most Popular Ship

One of the most famous ships that the Shipyard builds is <The Merchants Rise>, a beautiful ship made for trading. It has plenty of storage room for all the wares, sometimes even with a cooling section for food that quickly spoils. It has a big cabin that serves as a living quarter for the captain of the ship. Furthermore, there are a few rooms for the crewmen, so they have their own space to relax and wind down from a long day at sea. The galley is state-of-the-art with very light stone that allows ship cooks to use a proper fire for their roasts.  

Customer Quality

The Shipyard only accepts the highest quality materials for their ships. It gets the light stone from the Dwarven Mines of Garath. The deck is made of the finest Yarach Wood gathered from a small outpost called Mondo Del Yarachnae. The furniture is made from the same wood but from its top branches, which are still flexible enough to put into shape but sturdy enough to never break once hardened.   When delivering or finishing a ship, The Shipyard makes sure that its vessel is in top condition. It is fully stocked with food and fuel to last a week so the merchant can start his travels immediately. It comes fully furnished for a captain and 10 crewmen, ready to set sail to the seas.  

Hunt for Bragath

During the time when Bragath T'Shadvi was active, the Shipyard lost a large amount of assets. The stolen food was the least of their worries. The other quality material they use for their ships also got stolen and was (still is) worth a big penny. Together with other companies, such as <The Dwarven Mining Enterprise>, they started a manhunt for Bragath and his wolves.   Bragath was never to be found and has vanished 500 years ago. Still, the Shipyard takes any slim lead to discover where he is hiding. It is all against better judgement, as everyone knows that humans cannot survive for so long.
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You Sail, We Prevail

Founding Date
1000 years ago
Corporation, Business
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