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Wood and Lumber inc.


The head of this organization is called simply the owner.. The first was the founder, but after she died, it was changed to owner, as she obviously did not found the organization.

Public Agenda

Their agenda mostly centers around getting as many people as possible to buy their products, and squashing out as much of the competition as possible in order to obtain as much money and as many customers as possible.


This organization is quite rich, owning assets worth well over a million gold in total. They have six headquarters distributed across the forest of Grien, and are currently looking to set up headquarters in Dreanesia to bank on their unique materials, particularly swamp wood. They also own around 10,000 square miles of land within the forest of Grien, and are almost always getting more. They have access to hundreds of thousands of trees, and can purchase almost anything they desire with the immense amount of money Wood and Lumber Inc has.


Wood and Lumber Inc was founded relatively late in Ebelar's history, but quickly rose to notoriety due to its very successful business model. They harvested, processed, and distributed wood, one of the most universally necessary elements in all of history. They were able to do this by claiming and harvesting from large chunks of territory, and not allowing anyone else to do the same, effectively making themselves the only competitor in the market. They started off relatively small, owning one shop and only selling to a small town, but quickly expanded from there. Whatever businesses they couldn't crush in competition, they bought or absorbed, through sometimes legal and sometimes not so legal methods. They are infamous in some areas for the rumored murder of the head of a former competitor, Reia's Wood Market, though this murder has never been confirmed. Either way, her death marked the demise of the budding business.
Founding Date
Corporation, Commerce


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