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Candella Corp.

Candella Corporation is the multinational conglomerate headquartered in the city of Sungear. It's one of the largest technology company of the country that specialized in various topics; From medicine to computer hardware and software, as well as the expert of nanotechnology and robotic.

It was being recognized nationwide and then worldwide when the economic crisis erupted 30 years ago. Since then, Candella Corp's revenue has become so large that is too big to fail.


The company has an administration board led by the CEO which can be selected by a predecessor. Additionally, the board can recruit or fired the chairmans if five-six of the board agree. The current CEO is Mitty Pawell.

Though the board supervising, each branch's operation is usually decentralized. These departments included:

  • Candella RnD: The backbone of the company. Operated at the most advanced yet doubtful research and development complex.
  • Candella Assembly: The origin branch of all. Focusing on electronic components manufacturing, half of the computers sold in the market come from here.
  • Candella Health: Providing medicines and medical supplies.
  • Assets

    With its incredibly high price in the stock market, the company owns plenty of asset which include but not limited to:


  • Woz Computer
  • Woz Phone
  • Robot

  • MiniCare
  • Synth (in development)
  • Medicine

  • Enlifer
  • History

    The company was formed by Stanley Candella, starting as an electronic hardware manufacturer.

    Candella was growing skyrocketed to the point the company was being recognized nationwide and worldwide. On the late crisis, it acquired the Sandman General Hospital, forming the Candella Health branch.

    Nowadays the company is operating worldwide, with billions in revenue. However, the company faced a major loss recently when one of the company's flagship, Candella Tower, was destroyed by some kind of terrorism. The cause is still being investigated.

    Corporation, Conglomerate
    Controlled Territories
    Notable Members
    Candella Tower


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