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Sungear is the largest city and the capital city of Sungear Republic. One of the most populous city in the region, lying on the north side of the Berwell River toward the east shore of the Esparia Ocean

Sungear is the main setting of the many stories inside The Exotic Program.


The parliament is located here as well as the president of the republic. Though the President control the country, it's the Mayor of Sungear who control the city. The city elect the new mayor every 6 years, with a maximum of 2 terms.

Industry & Trade

Sungear is known from electronic complonent exports. Many company are formed here including Candella Corp, the largest of its kind.


The overused of electicity isn'ta problem here and others part of the country. A few Solar Liquifier power plants not far from the city power the entire city with an incredibly powerful renewable energy. The clean but risky Solarium is produced and bring used to steam the water to spin the powerful turbines. Although this energy can be gained only in daylight, the battery farm within complex is enough to supply the city all day long.


The city is divided into dozen boroughs defined by zone type and population density.


The city's origin is uncleared. The only information close to it is the pub that open for centuries. According to Sungear National Archives, many significant events has been recorded including:

  • The rise of Sandman Family who make the city become recognized and grew.
  • The bloody unrest which turned the republic into autocracy for a short time, started in this city.
  • During the Invasion of Gunda, the republic used this city for their navy in order to invade the island.
  • An economic depression which cause 40% of population to be laid off.
  • The rise of Candella Corp following the said depression.


Despite being the metropolis, Sungear have plenty of old structures that are still standing today, including:

  • Sandman Castle: the medieval-era defensive, which now become the president's official house.
  • Church of Samul: Also a medieval building. It has many controversies about whoever built it.
  • ARIS Station: A massive train station built during its golden age. The heart of republic transportation.
  • Sungear Public Library: The national archive holding history since the state foundation.
  • Olde Sunny Pub: The old traditional pub with original built that still running after 400 years.

However, some of them are lost or demolished but still holding its existance including:

  • Candella Tower: Once the luxurious office and hotel. Now it's destroyed in a mysterious attack.
  • Type
    60% Sungish
    20% Arwish
    20% Other

    Crazy Elevation

    Since the population is increasingly grown, the government has a crazy idea; The plan to build the massive hexagonal platforms on top of the metropolitan area to add more space for further city planning. This will make on-ground buildings underneath look like bottles under a table.

    Looking cool but costly as described, the desicion is usually being disapproved. However, the possiblity still exists.

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