The Exotic Program Robots, Sentience, and Consciousness

2014 VE, I guessed

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In the late 2014's Earth, there was a plotter who started creating the plot for the screenplay. Since then, however, he's getting no closer to the final result. Furthermore, he doesn't know about the setting it placed, not even sure if it should be real or fiction.

The only thing he knows and wants to share with everyone, is the primer...

Exotic Primer
Generic article | Apr 2, 2022

...and a rough premise.

In the city of Sungear, a modern metropolis, there are three inventions been created: the nano meta-constructor, the surrogate human, and the homebrew artificial intelligence.

Created in different places and times, no one would ever think that these three could be combined into what would've been an imaginary machine that become either an advancement or annihilation. It's up to whoever owns it, and what purpose do they want. The fate of the city would rely on their existence.

But first, let's give them some backstories, shall we?