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Cheryl West

Cheryl Tanya West

There is something about my body that doesn't feel right. Like I'm rather a machine than a human. I can't let anyone know this!
— Cheryl West

Cheryl T. West is the Sungish citizen. An employee at the Candella Corp., she is the one who suffered from the loss of her love in the destruction of Candella Tower, her working place.

Suspected by her coworkers, she started to act differently after her week-long trauma recovery, so strange that she wasn't herself at all.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Recently, she gains incredible strength. She could bend a spoon or a metal sheet into a ball like scrapping a piece of paper. Her limitation is unknown but she might find out. However, she seem to become hypersensitivity to the surrounding, as if something was watching her all the time. Sometime she felt she has been controlled, but that's only her assumption.

Apparel & Accessories

Her apparel are dull but attractive. She usually wears an opened black jacket, a long blue jeans, and a pair of sneakers. Sometime she wears a light blue/grey button down shirt with sleeve up, black box pleat skirt, and a pair of white rubber boots. The addition are a natural make-up, sharp eyeliner, thin red lipstick, a metal bracelet, and a brown thigh high socks.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

She was born in Sungear at the Sandman General Hospital. Her father was a military veteran and her mother was a businesswoman. She graduated with a major in computer engineering.


She works at Candella Corp., one of the biggest technology company in the world. She became a Hardware Architect. Since the Candella Tower was destroyed, she temporarily worked at Candella Research Complex, which is further than her usual working route.

Mental Trauma

She was one of the victim who suffered from the destruction of Candella Tower, where her boyfriend Dewitt, working alongside the anti-terrorists team, perished at the ground zero. She was unable to work, talk, or thinking positive. Even though these start to subside, depression and sorrow had consumed her mercilessly to the point she become pessimistic, departed from everyone to seek for a recovery.

Cheryl by LikeBread Somuch

After a few weeks, the company welcomed her back at the new office. Her coworkers found she was happy again, even though it was more than usual; she was too happy, too energize, and also too annoying. Although they saw it as a good sign of moving on, she seem to not to be her old self, who was quiet and lonely but friendly. It didn't include that her physicality was enhanced, with unbelievable strength and endurance, these let them doubted even further.

When being asked, her answer was always "A Special Treatment".

Personality Characteristics


If she can solve all her life problems, she hope to become the freelance writer. For now, she wanted to get rid of her life-altered loss, whatever if she must find a way to overcome, or refuse and try bringing back the memory of the past.

Likes & Dislikes

One of her favorite foods is Red Beef Curry. It reminded her of a sweet memory with Dewitt.

Current Status
"What happen to Cheryl?"
Black, with middle haircut.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
160 - 170 cm
Aligned Organization
How long I've to be it through? Somebody help me.

The Consequence of the Special Treatment (Major Spoiler!)
Generic article | Oct 31, 2023

Only a few days later, she disappeared again - no contacts or anything, just complete silence. When coworkers visited her apartment, they found a disturbing truth, realizing what special treatment did to her.

Sitting in her favorite sofa watching TV, lifeless. Her clothes were heavily ripped, her stomach breached, and her left shoulder ripped as if she was blasted by a shotgun. There was no bloodstains on the floor or her body at all, as her bones and organs were nothing but circuitry and steel.

She wasn't decayed either. Every bit of detail of the body was synthesized. Her skin was soft but feel like the actual one, although having no fingerprints. She was no doubt a technological wonder, with no uncanny feeling on her appearance. Because of her body's physicality, a stiffening process never happened, so she was easy to be carried.

In the scene, everyone including the polices were confused, but the news had to be covered until the case was closed. The transfer was quick, rushing to the emergency room; In reality, she was instead moved to the morgue waiting for autopsy. It became nothing but a hard case that required a specialist to solve this techno mystery.


Character Portrait image: by LikeBread Somuch


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