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Sandman General Hospital

Owned by Candella Corp, the private medical complex is located at the riverside of the city of Sungear.

Purpose / Function

Having an estimate 3,000 beds, 100 emergency bed, and many more, this medical complex is one of the biggest hospital in the country.

Other than regular healthcare like any large hospital does, the Sandman General Hospital also provides special medicines and treatments that is claimed using nano-machine that could heal the patient with an incredible speed.


Sandman General Hospital is consisting of various type of medical buildings and also its own research department, wrapping around the main building everytime they plan to expand. From the outside it look like the modern fortress; So confusing as if it's designed to defense against a future horde of zombies.


It's found a hundred years ago by Sandman, the patronage family. Its ownership has been changed overtime. Recently, it was aqquired by Candella Corp. a few decades ago after an internal financial crisis the provious owner failed to solve which almost caused the hospital to face bankruptcy.

Alternative Names
formerly Sandman Healthcare
Parent Location
Owning Organization

One Dose to Resurrection

There's a special treatment in which cost million bucks to do so. This service is garanteed that the patient can be fully healed in 3 days as if nothing happened to them before. Being free of all terrible diseases, except lost limbs that can't be restored.

The progress is barely known. The patient's relatives are not allow to enter. The only thing they could be heard from some chatty doctors is that they injected a dose of mysterious drug and everything are restored, which is sound unbelievable.

Technology / Science | Sep 27, 2022

A dose of resurrection

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10 Aug, 2021 20:32

Sounds like a mysterious place. " as if it's designed to defense against a future horde of zombies" could that be some foreshadowing? :p

Feel free to check out my latest challenge article the Avaronian Empire if you want to see what I am up to!
16 Aug, 2021 12:13

Thank you. That'd be an interesting situation to happen. Unfortunately, I actually based it on the real-life hospital I visited xD