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Olde Sunny Pub

The Birthmark of Metropolis

In the middle of the downtown district of bustling city of Sungear, despite the surrounded skyscrapers, there is a humble place that looks completely distinct.

This is the Olde Sunny Pub, the leisure place full of people relaxing with drinks, foods, chats, and games afterwork. Many would recognize it as one of the country pub that can be found commonly in the rural area.

The more you drive in, however, the more you learn that the pub is some kind of the country's soul. Over the course of its long history, it is the place where the city was born.

Olde Sunny Pub by Adcheryl


The pub is a single medieval public house, 2 stories high, constructed with timber frames. The first floor infilled with bricks painted cream, and the other one with wattle and daub. It also has a basement and a long brick chimney.

Unlike many modern pub, the building is the same one when it was constructed, holding much of its value and architectural design choice at that time. The only exception are the thatch roof that was replaced with brick tiles as well as new windows, doors, room extensions, and a parking lot.

Historical plaques can also be seen at the particular point such events occurred, telling the long history of the pub's legacy.

The Good Old Bar

Entering the pub is the famous reception room, the mix of cream-painted and bare brick walls like the rest of the interior. A long wooden check-in counter is stretching across the room, with line of wooden stools and the receptionist; In other words, the bartender.

Although the long wooden bar looks nice and polished, it's by the fact the same bar since the opening - mostly. Over the course of restorations to keep it look fresh and clean, some parts of the original woods was removed, though some of them still exist. The most obvious part is nothing but a fine, polished hardwood countertop - around 500 years old.

Dining with Daily Talent(s)

The main hall, decorated in the same manner as the bar, has a plenty set of tables and chairs placed beside the window and the center, with a dartboard and lots of giant screens of flat TV. It's for people who come in group or prefer eating. The hall connect to the recreation room, containing a billiard table, and the restroom.

Furthermore, around one corner lies a performance stage. Many musicians and entertainers used to perform at this revenue, which isn't hard to get a gig here if you contact Martin. It also can be seen from the outside so whenever there is a celebrity that night, the front will be crowded.

We were a group of youth boys unfamiliar with everything. Every new place we played here in Sungear we were so nervous. But this pub - it was the opposite. It was so relaxing.   It felt like home.
— An interview of Homer G. Noirs of The Phobia


A Humble Origin

The city of Sungear as we know it today was once only a small coastal village, far far away from political mess which was also a good trade node. Self-sufficient by the newly built harbor and caravans, the village lied the house of a famous merchant.

Everytime after sailing across the ocean, they usually rested here for a month to repair fleets, wrote journals, and of course gathered friends. The basement that was supposed to be the warehouse but instead being used as a brewery to serve home-brewed beers to them visitors.

The more time passed the weaken they were - it was inevitable. The old merchant decided to rest here permanently, and what they wanted to do was converting it into the public house. The new set of tables and chairs, as well as the popular wooden bar and stools from the best carpenters, were placed alongside their existing furnitures. The second floor was converted into living quarters for travellers.

When everything was ready, the pub was finally opened in an early summer, marking the birth of the lovely meeting place with its first name: Sunny Pub.

pub first
by Adcheryl
The pub may be inspired from the hot summer and golden sunshine, but our city's name was surely came from this pub!
— Teddy

50 Years Old

The city was slowly thriving, and so the foreigner interesting in it. The local group led by another wealthy man tried to break away from those and remain independent. Along with other towns' mayors, they used this pub to discuss the plot and common law which later to be applied by the rest of the land. Once it completed, they gathered all the people to give them speech of motivations.

The plot succeeded, their authority had been recognized, and the whole community had celebrated, and what's the better place other than this beloved public house? Nevertheless, the overcrowding ruined some furniture.

They continued to use this pub for political and diplomatic meeting until the proper governmental building was functional, leaving with the historical mark for the pub to advertise.

200 Years Old

As if the legacy must continue, Samul Hecter, the popular revolutionist who turned the republic into the short-term monarchy as it seem to fit his desire, also used this place to write a statement, gather people for his speech, and start the riot, which ultimately ended in accomplishment.

Sadly though, his regime was brutal like his royalists never thought of, and so hypocrite he rather wanted his child to succeed the position. As a result, the war broke out and he was then overthrown and sentenced to be imprisoned on the isolated island, therefore restoring the republic. With an absolute loss, the last thing he request before he step out of the city forever was to eat the last meal at the Sunny Pub.

It was a good exchange after all, for another plaque to be installed.

Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
Parent Location
Opening Time
11 am - 2 am
May be longer during weekends and holidays


As the land value increase over time, the expansion of an existed structure is unavoidable. With the old-fashion architecture as a selling point, all extensions being built outside the main structure must keep their look to make the overall feel consistent.

The renovation include infrastructure. The pipeline and electric system for example had been added centuries ago, working their best; The fire extinguishing system fifty years later, though nothing too hot ever happened.

Recently, what has been added is a wireless hotspot - and it's free.


Currently, there are several people running this pub. Some are on a regular basis, some are only in contract.

Teddy Darton, the Bartender

The kind and rudeless, he's operated the main bar for half of his whole life, and he seems not to retire anytime soon.

Jimmy Steward, the Mixer

Younger than Teddy, and he's good at cocktail making. Operating at night mostly.

Emily Darton, the Waiter

Teddy's daughter. Her beautiful shape is admired by male costumers.

Martin, the Owner

Despite not doing much during the day, he does everything related to maintain the business. He is also the stage operator.

Rhys Marshall

The best bard available. Nice and friendly, he love to play acoustic songs on his guitar.

The pub served the best alcoholic drinks it can provide. Pumping from the basement, there are various brands of beers and ales, all available through the hand-crank dispenser. Standalone bottles and other type are also be sought.

The custom cocktails are also served, depending on the customer's request and bartender's skill.

The Cuisines

Many meals available on the bar are mostly snacks; Potato chips, sausages, salads, and nuts. It can be served fresh from the kitchen or from under the bar ready to eat.

Lunchs and other main courses are being served elsewhere at the dining room next to the bar. One of the most popular dishes are the Merchant's Pie and Red Beef Curry.

A Dish by the Moment

Red Beef Curry, the oldest, most popular dish the pub could provide. A spoonful that would make the moment in the pub to be loved or remembered, in one way or another.   For Cheryl West though, it was her first date. The first time she came here and tried this glorious dish, the taste of an everlasting love with Dewitt.   Today, the moment cycled once again - only this time, she was alone. Weeping, sinking in the sea of sorrow, it was well known to anyone's recent memory; Many souls were reclaimed by the rubble of the once-glorious Candella Tower, where Dewitt joined them undeserved.   Even if she tried to forget or had forgotten, the heartful memory stuffed inside a burning sensation of a spicy-sweeten chunks of beef stewed in coconut milk, would carry on.
pub two
by Adcheryl

300 Years Old

Industrialization was coming to town, and so was the crowd of the working class people. Every afterwork, they would enjoy the drink which was now being pumped and a brand new billiard table.

The biggest owner was nobody but the wise and powerful Sandmans: the patronous family with many business tied to Sungear citizens such as the hospital.

They realized, the city was thriving to the point that such a small place could not handle many costumers; The building had to be extended. Seeing the old-fashioned as a marketing tool, Sandmans made sure that the new extension were using the same design, even though the worrying of hazardous air rotting the roof also came up too, making one of the biggest replacement ever in the pub history.

The pub was even changed the name to emphasize its value, with the oldest trick in the book: Olde Sunny Pub.

pub three
by Adcheryl

400 Years Old

The more advanced humanity has become, the more brutal conflict to occur, and the republic had no exception. The Sungear became the most military-strategic location during the global war they must protect at all cost.

Military ships had guarded the city more than usual, and so the soldiers stationed around. The pub could relieve their pressure while increasing their morale, ensuring that whatever they won or not, this place would be remembered for younger generations to be told.

By this point, the costumers could park their cars at the side of the pub. The stage was being arranged to the corner since as well as window/door replacement. The center of the hall was cleared sometimes for the dancefloor and an expensive junkbox.

pub four
by Adcheryl

Present Day

Nowadays, it has been surrounded by those modern skyscrapers where shadow partially consumed. Although the Sandmans did not own this anymore for reasons, the people have managed to keep the pub running with the scent of the past, being well-known by various media as one of the oldest surviving buildings in the country.

Almost a half-millennium has passed since the pub opened and gave the people joy, rage, and cry. Thanks to trustworthy preservation and proper management, this pub would gain an opportunity, to meet the remaining half and hope to overflow.

pub final
by Adcheryl
If I worn out too early, I would have no crazy idea for my portfolio!
Dan Robbie, the nanomachine professor at Candella Corp.

Cover image: by Nikola Jovanovic


Author's Notes

This article is an entry for the Tavern Challenge. Feedbacks are pretty much welcomed!
7/3/2022 - Submitted first, polished second
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