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Stanley Candella

Stanley Paul Candella

Stanley Candella was a Sungish businessman and scientist. He was the first CEO and founder of the multinational conglomerate Candella Corp., He was best known as the pioneer of personal computer industry.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

He was born at the suburb of Sungear. His father was a mechanic and his mother was an artist. He attended and graduated from the University of Sungear, majoring in Applied Science, at the age of 27. His primary job was to research the Solar Liquifier on Gunda Island during the great war, along with his team and a room-size computer. Although they could work together, he loved to complain about a machine. Why such small electronic components were used in this weapons but not a big chunk of logical calculator? The project came to an end when the island was seized at the end of the war.

Formation of Candella Corp.

After 5 years of unemployment, he formed an electronic manufacturer, Candella Workshop. Due to a great opportunity in the growing industry and as a response to his experience, he want to reinvent a computer that was smaller, affordable, and easy-to-use.

The result was the Posh 101, an all-in-one personal computer. It wasn't the breakthrough at first, but when it did after it gained the company fame and wealth, enough to be recognized nationwide. When the newer upgrade Woz Computer following years, the company became known worldwide.

During the economic crisis 30 years ago by acquired many assets that was struggling but essential to civillian such as his birthplace. These decisions almost got him fired from the company though because of an unrelated, unnecessary business. He managed to fix it by reorganizing the company into a conglomerate, decentralizing the departments with the specialized leader for various types of business. His company survived, stock skyrocketed, and many had respected him even more.

Later Life

He retired at the age of 60 and Mitty Pawell became the new CEO. His later life was simple; Travelling and living with his own family. Sometimes he visited the place to encourage the staff as well as to discuss the company's board. He died peacefully in his house at the age of 71.

Accomplishments & Achievements

He had succeed at making one of the biggest tech company in the world.

Intellectual Characteristics

He's humble and kind to people, but harsh and aggrassive on business. He could see the potential of making money and also a possible new innovation. He may make employees angry sometimes, but because he cared. The result was everybody's respect.


Family Ties

He married and have 2 kids. One of them become the artist and another become the employee of his company.
Circumstances of Death
Natural Cause
Place of Death
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