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The Guild of Madeisic Legacy

    The guild of Madeisic Legacy is a guild dedicated to the craft of Raethosian magic and everything related to it. The main headquarters are located on Calphia Island, made up of three buildings, the Madeisic school of Raethosian magic, the legacy hall, and the temple to Raethos. The school is an elite school that offers the best education of magic to a select few. The Legacy hall is where all the witches who belong to the guild gather and set up shop. The first floor is where the shops are, whether that be potions, enchantments, or performing spells for consumers. The upper two floors are dedicated to different spaces for guildmembers to experiment with their craft to find new ways to enhance and use magic. The temple connected to the guild is one of the largest temples dedicated to Raethos God of Magic and many who are devoted take a pilgrimage to the island temple to pay homage. There are many branches of the guild that stretch across Akara but none of them are as big as the headquarters in Calphia and none have schools or temples attached. The only Madeisic school on all of Akara is at the guild's headquarters.

Public Agenda

First and foremost the guild wants to protect the legacy of Madeis, the first witch and the champion for Raethos in the The Battle of Sealing. To do this they do as she would have, they teach others and offer their services to the public, as well as creating a place to worship the God who chose Maedis in the first place.


It is said that the guild first started as a school that Raethos God of Magic created himself in memory of his champion lost to battle. No one really knows how true that is but many of those who belong to the guild certainly believe it.

Magic Legacy Protected

Maedisic Witches
Notable Members

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