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Oceans Bounty Company

The Oceans Bounty Company (OCB) is one of the major exporters of Rechen. Due to their unique abilities to survive underwater, the triton are able to make a business of getting their hands on things beneath the waves that are untouchable to others except through magic. Although competitors have reared their heads occasionally, almost all of them are forced to operate at a lower profit margin due to the logistical challenges of delving the deep waters.   The OCB has two major sections between which is splits its efforts.  


The company is heavily invested in most of the mining of natural resources around Rechen, specifically deposits under the water. They have specially trained mages and miners experienced in working in underwater caves. They are the main exporters of Rechen's wealth of Incantrum from the mining town of Velesa.  

Retrieval of Lost Goods

The OCB also offers recovery services to companies that lose their shipments to storms or other tragedy on the open sea. This sector of their business focuses on recovery, and is less profitable than the mining business most of the time. When a rare treasure is lost to the waves, however, they are always ready to retrieve it, for a price. Because the things that sink ships are often dangerous, the OCB retrieval officers are capable warriors, and the company offers no guarantees. They accept only half payment on receiving an order, with the rest being paid out upon delivery of the cargo in question.  

Enemies of the Scourge

The OCB often finds itself at odds with the servants of Morepyan'udavi, the Scourge of the Seas. The retrieval officers and miners are instructed to not engage with the underwater tyrant, for he has claimed more than a few of the OCB's employees, either through his minions or by himself.

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