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Nestled in the shallower waters of the deep flooded canyon that cuts across the eastern side of Rechen, Velesa is a triton settlement built into the underwater cliffside on the northern edge of the canyon. The town is built with a verticality only comprehensible to individuals who are able to move in three dimensions, as the triton can underwater.   In the cliffs upon which the settlement is built, there are deposits of Incantrum which are the primary export of the town. The town is small, but is considered by the triton to be one of their greatest sources of wealth. Because Incantrum is so rare, Velesa is fortified with far more military force than a settlement of this size would normally be afforded. Of course, the settlement is also underwater, which prevents most members of species other than triton from even setting foot in the area. Nevertheless, determined thieves have inspired a strong xenophobia in the inhabitants.


The citizens of Velesa are almost entirely triton, and are all citizens of Rechen. The citizenry is comprised of two working classes. The miners stand apart from the rest of the society, respected for their skill and the importance of their position. The remainder of the working class functions in support to the miners in some way, as maintainers of tools or maintainers of lifestyle. There are even a few entertainers who live in town and occasionally travel away from the town, learning new songs and performances and bringing back news of the world outside the isolation bubble.


The structure of the town is loosely democratic. Because of the isolated nature of the settlement, the citizens are separated from the normal economy, and political affairs are very insular and slow-moving. The working class is governed by democratically elected officials who represent the leaders of the various working groups of miners, cooks, entertainers, etc. Each of these leaders can make changes to the regulation of the workers it represents, and all of the leaders answer to the current Lord Velesa, who acts as a representative of the town to the larger Rechen government.    Individuals who enter the town on a visitation basis are required to agree to an erasure of their memories on departure, on penalty of imprisonment or death. Citizens who choose to leave the town for any reason, whether it be a short term departure or a life move, must also consent to a selective removal of their knowledge of the town.


The town is underwater, but is also patrolled and guarded by a personal garrison of well trained soldiers. Rechen provides subsidy to the settlement for cheaper equipment and proficient training instructors for their defense. The value of the Incantrum is well worth guarding. The garrison also patrols the areas surrounding the town, in order to chase off amateur prospectors. The area of cliff that the town has developed is actually much smaller than the land holdings of the Velesa family. They opt to mine the Incantrum at a slower pace intentionally, driving up the value and ensuring a source of wealth for themselves into the future.

Industry & Trade

Velesa is made rich by their mining of the large Incantrum deposit on which their settlement is built. The Incantrum is found in very small quantities in most other places, so the bountiful amount of it makes Velesa a near-monopoly on the supply of the metal, which is crucial to magical crafting.
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