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Cartoon Domination Network

A network that broadcast animated shows for all ages, with shows aired from morning to late afternoon for children. In the evening they broadcast shows suitable for teenagers, and after midnight to early morning show shows not suitable for children. The network was founded around fifty years ago and only recently has it built a large enough viewer base to warrant the founding of native animation studios. The original content has met a decent reception, before this the company purchased rights for distribution over galactic extranet for numerous shows and has purchased rights for many series that do not lapse for several years to come. There are plans to expand into the animation business themselves. The plans to lay the foundation of the animation studio within the next three years are set. Let see how the competition plays out.


The CEO heads the board of director board of director gives orders to regional managers, regional managers hand out orders  to managers who give out orders to team leads.

Public Agenda

Bringing entertainment for all ages to the world of Orgranys.


87,084,000 credits(roughly 73.8 million gold) several broadcast locations across the planet with communications satellites at several points across the globe.


Company founded by a Eyzzie Goldboom, a goblin woman who found cartoons facinating. She had established a broadcasting station that was mostly broadcasting news around the area that she lived but then she was browsing the extranet and found a bright cartoon with funny color. Purchasing the broadcast rights to several shows that she found entertaining she closed the news side of the business and began to broadcast the cartoons.


Broadcast relays, satellite receivers, and communications lines. Offices at local areas to sign people up and send out maintenance people.

The go-to animation network

Founding Date
Broadcasting, Television Network
Alternative Names
Kiddy channel
Economic System
Mixed economy
Uses credits at the home office, gold is still the currency standard in the sothern continent.
Major Imports
Cartoons from across the galaxy translated into the local languages, even translated to accommodate ancestral languages.

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