25th of Erlsum
, 1572


The History of Numidius so far

[I'm] Still Alive!

The oldest civilizations to live on the continent are the Edo and the Netheril. Both are lost to time and fables, leaving only their ancient wonders behind.
The gnomish Kingdom of Lantan and the elven Mytharan Empire both found cataclysmic ends, yet are well documented and are generally known.
Other empires and nations include the poorly documented Kingdom Of Dohas, the pinacle of magic that was the Kingdom of Darseras and the fabled lost city of Bona Giko that continues to fuel the imagination of thrill-seeking explorers and inquisitive scholars alike for more than a millenia with tales of hidden riches.
The Second Empire of Ader was the last big empire to fall. It was shattered in the The Great Kadian Split, when nearly all its territories rose to fight for their independance.

Current Species & Cultures

The Humanoid races have spread far and wide, second to none in diversity and numbers they found their homes almost every part the continent.
Some of the old races refuse to let go of old memories, when they dominanated others into submition and servitude.
Most elves still dwell in forsts and groves, rooted in old traditions. Others prefer to assimilate themselves into human society, with different measures of sucess.
Not only humans enjoy a golden age. The dwarves of yore have connected their shattered empires once more. Centuries of disagreaments prevent them from unification, yet they won't hesitate to stand together against a common foe.
An orsinium rises in the Central Amadels, guarded by a white dragon, they promise freedom and glory for all those who follow the Orca.
In the north, the Kaviri Highlands are filled with violence as old traditions emerge again after decades of cultural oppersion under their once Aderian overlords.



Important events that occoured in lands of the Andorian Alliance.

Historical events of the Vintian Imperium and its colonies.

Events recoded by members of the Southern Accord and other nations around the Darsal Crest.

Events related to the Free Cities and their teritories. Anything from mundane, but important business deals to acts of heroic rebelions.

Player Characters

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