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Bona Giko

Bona Giko is the name of a mythical city that existed sometime between 6,000 BC and 5,000 BC in the The Estrerran Barrier. The city is mentioned in several historic documents, such as the Journal of Stone and in the writings of the bard Bartholomew Lorewise. The city was supposedly the biggest trade hub of it's time and was devastated by a sudden and devestating flood. Many archaeologists and adventurers have tried to locate the lost city, sending countless expeditions and sourvey crew but so far without success.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
A marking used to symbolize Bona Giko found inside the Journal of Stone.

~5,000 BC

Founding Date
~6,000 BC
Location under
Bona Giko marking found inside a cave in the hills between the Shifting Desert, and Estrerra. The wall is always humid to the touch and the blood never completely dries, an odd phenomena that baffles the magical and academical communities.


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