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Journal of Stone

The Journal of Stone is the name given to a journal made of unnaturally thin stone, making it function like a book while still being carved in rock. The method of creating it and the individual who wrote it are both unknown with a plethora of hypotheses attempting to explain either.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

Belived to be a journal of an ancient warlord, presumably Asor Kara-Sel, claiming demigodhood; entries seem to describe only major events, suggesting that the writer either lived an exceptionally long life, lived in an extremely tumultuous period, or both.   The journal is structured as one would expect a personal journal to be, being chronologically ordered (though understandably utilizing a different calendar).   Notably, the journal is written right-to-left rather than left-to-right, with some letters being remarkably similar to current human writing systems, and others that are yet undeciphered; roughly 0.4% of the text is yet unintelligible.

Manufacturing process

The journal is carved in red sandstone, making it more resilient than other documents written much later than it. Currently the exact process of its creation is unexplained, though in-depth small scale divination indicates that it relies on the iron within the sandstone for additional strength.


The author refers to itself as "Bearer of the Word", "The Absolute Judge", "He Who Navigates the Tenfold Windrose" and "Ender of Lineages"; the legendary city Bona Giko is mentioned repeatedly throughout the text.   Many events mentioned in the journal aren't mentioned anywhere else; it seems to be written during and after "The Conquest of Blood", likely to be an especially violent militaristic expansion. The journal mentions it being one of many conflicts during an era called "Bellideum", presumed to take place as early as 7,000 BC.   In one of the earliest entries, the journal describes an event that is essentially the tale of The Lost Dryad; not only this description affirms the verity of the tale, but it also ties it to Bona Giko.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
The journal on its pedestal within the Cathedral in Ammand.
Item type
Book / Document
Current Location
8.6 kg
30×25×5 cm
Raw materials & Components
Sandstone and Iron.
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