4nd of Latsum
, 1572


The Laws of Numidius

In a sense, Numidius might be very reminiscent of other high fantasy medieval worlds: inhabited by fantastical elves and dwarves, spotted with dungeons and home to dragons. In another sense, it might be more similar to our own Earth: shaped by the greatness of mere mortals and lacking an objective morality of good and evil.
The fundamental laws of nature are same in the day to day scale, but are completely different from our own reality when put both in the super planetary scale and in the quantum scale. Rotational Junction is a reformulation of quantum mechanics by rttuo and suposedly set the limits and physicality of interactions with the Numidius and the Weave.


The denizens of the Prime Material Realm have countless of creation myths told for generations over campfires and dinner tables. If you ask the true immortals of this world where, when or how it came to be you'll receive different, and even conflicting answers. Perhaps even the gods themselves do not know.

While the universe of the Numidius is amorphius, a great wheel is perhaps the best way to describe how the many realms within connect with one another.

The Prime Material Realm is where most of the stories, tales and adventures take place. it is connected to both the Shadowfell and the Feywild, and all three are considered as the Material Planes. Despite this seperation, some celestial bodies can exists simonteniously in several planes.

The continent, named Edora by the Humanoid races, is the main continent of our focus, at least as of now. It is a land of change and turmoil, with opportunity and danger in equal measure. It is ancient, and even the most long lived races can not trace their origins there. Secrets hidden in the sands of the deserts, the depths of the jungles and even in in plain sight, pointing at long lost legacies and forgotten artifacts.

Principal Geography & Features

While we would love to detail the geology of tectonic plates, the currents of the oceans and the meteorology of the world in minute details, we simply can't. There's only so much one can invest into such endeavors before other aspects of the story telling become neglected and begin to fall apart. We chose to take cartography into the forefront instead, with detailed overland maps that hint at the conditions on the ground. Unless an article specifically states weather conditions and the type of the terrain, we prefer to leave it to the theater of the mind and in accordance to the seasons and passing of time.

Initial Active Setting

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