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Kingdom Of Dohas

The Kingdom of Dohas is an ancient kingdom controlling most of Lisang. Dohas is bordered to the north by the Republic of Kishara and with the League of Temis to the east. The kingdom has vanished in the early 5th century, sometime between the Shrieking Death and the First Salemizia. The reason for it's sudden collapse remained unknown until it suddenly reappeared in 1572.


The King of Dohas, named the Dragonking leads the nation as an absolute monarch. The dragonking's serves as both a judge and a teacher of his people, and his doctrine is called the Dohasar. The Dohasar serves as an organized religion, aiming to guide the Dohasi people to prosperity.   The kingdom's national duties are divided between the Dohasir, the Dragonkong's trusted advisors and his most powerful vassals.


The culture of Dohas is complex and multi-leveled in structure. A millennia of slavery erased almost any identity the people had prior to their disappearance. The new Dohas proclaims to be a place of freedom and prosperity, despite found evidence of the past practices of sacrificing sapient creatures as well as practicing slavery themselves.   The Dohasi themselves use a very complex and archaic tongue by the same name, making communication with outsiders somewhat difficult.   While slavery has been banned by the Dragonking, the mysterious past of Dohasi are still considered mostly violent in nature. The nation supposedly invests great effort in changing this image to a more peaceful one.

Public Agenda

The official stance of the Kingdom of Dohas, according to its current ruler, is that "the empire thrives of the differences of its people, promoting mutual love and respect between its denizens."   Despite the somewhat pacifist tone, there are those who remain weary of imperialistic intents, as the Dragonking refers to the kingdom as an empire, despite no such designation acknowledge by the Ambassador College or is supported by any other nation.



The Origin of Dohas

Archeological findings in Lisang suggest the ancient Kingdom of Dohas rose to prominence around 2300 BC with the unification of several human tribes during a local war of unknown cause between elves and dwarves. These unified human tribes quickly expanded to nearby areas, effectively ending the fighting between the elves and dwarves, focusing on the human invaders instead.   Very little is known about the time between the rise of the Dohasi people and until their nation spanned from the southern coasts of the Agaman Bay all the way to the southern edges of Lisang.   According to foreign sources, such as elvish engravings and dwarven tables dated to the era, the leaders of the Dohasi were very divided and the nation went through a constant state of civil war. This civil wars also included racial tensions between dwarves and elves, which were the primary reason for the limited documentation that exists.  

Golden Age of Sa'ray

They biggest known city of the ancient Dohasi was Sa’ray, which was described as a peaceful jewel of trade, disconnected from the troubles that engulfed the rest of the nation.   For reasons unknown, several local dwarven and elven tribes rose against the city sometime between 800-900 BC, only to be decimated on the battlefield. This cemented Dohas claim on the area, through the leadership of Sa'ray.   This grand unification results in a lack of documentation, oddly enough. This was mostly due to lack of interest by the nearby elves and dwarves, as most of the local tribes have been incorporated into the nation at this point. The Selgok only kept military information in their logs, estimating the size of their entire armed forces at around 20,000 troops.   The Kingdom of Darseras kept an almost complete log of the nation's history, but the entire archive was lost after the Battle of the Second Sun, with only reference lists remaining in the White Diamond Tower.  

The Wyrmking

During their golden age the Dohasi mostly worshiped the dragons of the area, namely Rymir, who denies having any sort of direct involvement with the nation, outside of the ordinary political issues. This fascination with dragons is evident across the various ruins found in Lisang, which often depict reptiles of different kind, often resembling dragons.   The leader of the Dohasi was refered to as 'Wyrm.' The Wyrm is the most documented figure of ancient Dohasi culture. Despite clear evidence of this Wyrn having an immense impact on the civilization, nearly all records of it, even foreign ones, are hazy at best.   The Wyrm, presumably an immortal of sorts, was the sovereign ruler of the Dohasi people. The worship of the Wyrm was tied directly to worship of dragons, yet it is unknown to what extent. The only consistent details are that he brought unparalleled prosperity to the land, with magical circumstances heavily suspected to be in play. The Dohasi people were apparently enjoying great prosperity and inner peace before it vanished, regadless of their race as elvse are found depicted as famed figures the same way humans and dwarves have.  

The resurface of Dohas

On the 12th of Latspri 1572 the Kingdom of Dohas in its entirety has reappeared on the surface of Edora. The nation reemerged still occupying its old territory, stopping at the declared borders of Kishara and Temis.   The sudden rise of the Kingdom was unexplained until its king made a public appearance, where he was recognized as a missing member of the Eloria, an airship that went missing over Lisang a month prior.   The official statement of Dohas has claimed the Wyrm, while beloved at first, has ended up being a tyrannical demon. The demon enslaved their people for more than a millennia inside its demiplane, using their desperation and helplessness to feed and maintain his fleshly form in the Prime Material Realm. According to them, the The Dragonking, formerly known only as 'Sam the Woodworker', is a formidable warrior accompanied by a dragon that was foretold to arrive and free the people of Dohas. After slaying the demon and freeing the people from its enslavement, the Dragonking was crowned as the nation's king and protector.  

Second golden age of Dohas

Dohas resurfaced with its entire army, economy and population as it was frozen in time at the moment the contract between the Wyrm and Pride was broken. While they lack the scientific and Technomagical understanding of their neighboring nations, the people have started to rebuild, develop their economy, army and agriculture at incredible pace. Most of these developments are done directly under the watchful eyes of the Dragonking, who is considered as a strong, but righteous ruler.   Some of old roads and connections between cities survived as well, and effort is put towards rebuilding those that did not. At least from outsiders perspective, no living soul in Dohas stood against the Dragonking as he took power. Scribes ensured the prophecy and its outcome will spread far and wide, garnering respect and even some veneration.   A strange addition to the Dohasi Kingdom that was not documented prior, is the existence of minotaurs. Claiming to originate from a distant land to the west called the Greek Archipalgue, these species crossed the sea and settled in a remote part of the kingdom sometime prior to its vanishing. Under the leadership of the Dragonking, these half-bovine half-humanoid members of the kingdom now serve as the Dohasi Military's front lines and shock troops.

Technological Level

Dohas is severely lacking in scientific and technomagical fields due to their long absence and lack of advancement in more than 1,000 years. The nation industrial capability, while impressive, is a far cry from that of its neighbors.   Their understanding of magic is also quite different than that of the rest of Edora. Most applications of magic in Dohas revolve around beneficial rituals. These rituals are somewhat similar to the innate magic displayed by dragons and can take anywhere from few minutes to several weeks to fully cast. Their effects are somewhat subtler, but much longer lasting than those of conventional magic.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572

The Platinum Prevails.


2,300 bc - 400 ac

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