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Technomagia, sometimes called Technomagy, is the act of using both magical and scientific methods in order to achieve certain goals. The term was coined in the late 1460's by Magus Donverto Von Torini while he was a Master of Divination in the Conclave of Magi.


Before Von Torini published his book about his work with his apprentice, the artificer Lorenzo Arbertiri, collaboration between magical and non-magical researchers was scarce, and mostly occurred due to chance.   The general consensus by the scientific community, at least in members of the Ivory Coalition, was that magic is far too volatile and unexpected to be accurately measured by scientific standards. The magical community on the other hand, considered science as too rigid to be used in conjunction with the ever fluxing nature of magic.     Von Torini's aproach, described in his book The Economy of Magic, was considered as a breakthrough. Not only did it showed the limitations were far smaller than initially expected, but demonstrated how other, far more obscure fields can influence the end goal of a project.   Since it's inception the approach of using both technology and magic together has only grown more popular. Most of the prominent academies, namely MIT and BASM have even dedicated entire academic wings for the these forms of collaborations.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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