Numidius The Decimation

The Decimation

Disaster / Destruction


3,000 years after their defeat, the chromatic dragons rise oce again under Ezorth who formed the Chromawing, with the goal of conquering the prime material realm and rule alone as The Platinum.   The metallic dragons unite under Orseria and form the Dragonguard. The war nearly tears the realm in half, awaking sleeping titans and shadows back to life. One of ten mortals on Edora dies in the conflict and most dragon species go extinct, with the exception the strongest five of each kind remaining.   Following the war the metallic dragons realize that their very nature as rulers and apex predators is the cause for war, and not their color. They make a sacred pact to never let more than a handful from each of their kinds to exist at all times. All metallic dragons band under the Dragonguard, while Ezorth forms the Chromawing in the shadows.   As answer to the suffering mortals endured during their war, the remaining metallic dragons each created an egg and entrusted it in the hands of a different mortal race to care for.

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