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The Noble and His Chalice


This is a fairytale told most frequently in the north east region of the main continent in Centoria. When not unrealistic the fairytale itself is based entirely in fiction. It is localized to only being told in a few kingdoms, and is mainly a childs story. It is one of the stories in the collection of The Tales of Oracle Vener, which follow a fortune teller through various interactions with clients and the results of her predictions. The Collection is written by different authors throughout history with each imparting wisdom in their tale. This tale is one of the more recent ones being only fifty years old.  

The Fairytale

This story opens with a young noble who's father has just died. Through trickery and deceit he manage to convince his father, before his death, to forgo his two older brothers and name him the head of the family. Upon learning this news the two older brothers become very angry. Now with his new title and power he became paranoid that his brothers would try to kill him to get back what is rightfully theirs. Seeking answers to his questions he summoned Vener, the oracle. He had Vener dragged from their home and brought to his keep.    Vener upset at the interruption and further rudeness of the noble gave him only vague clues about his death, refusing to confide more no matter how much the noble insisted. Vener claimed "he had nothing to fear from any man, and death when it came would not be from a weapon, but instead natural while he was surrounded by family" Satisfied enough by this the noble allowed Vener to leave and went about his life as normal, confident he would not meet his end for a long time.    A week later the noble hosted a dinner and invited his brothers and their family to try and reconcile. At the end of the dinner when everyone was drinking he started choking. It turns out the eldest brothers wife of her own volition had crushed up  berries he was allergic to and put them in his drink when he wasn't looking. He died. The End  

Themes and Lesson

The overall lesson of the fairytale is not to take information at face value. Although he had nothing to fear from a man, a woman killed him. Although he died a natural death it was from tampering. It drives home the message just because you believe something to be true it doesn't mean it is. Like most of the other Tales of the Oracle Vener it also has themes of respecting and fearing fortune tellers, for fear of repercussions.

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