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Syzygy Rock

Plain, unassuming. Almost definitely not real.
Many times throughout your adventures, you will come across rumors of the Syzygy Rock’s location. The rumor will almost definitely lead to a trap. And the existence of this rock is almost certainly not real. I almost hesitate to say anything at all about this rock. But it will come up in your adventures. It is best to be prepared.  
The Legend
  The Syzygy Rock is purported to be a black stone that fits in the palm of your hand. It has no distinguishing features, other than the fact that it resembles a moon rock. It has no special power, so it feels no different than any other rock you can pick up from the ground. The legend of the Syzygy Rock says that it fell from the sky the same night the Eternals shut the Gate and left the Mortal Rondure for good. The Magical Eruption blew up the original rock as Adazuri’s magical potential exploded. What was left was a small rock, devoid of any power.   However, during every Syzygy Remember, this celestial event happens only once every 333 years, the Syzygy rock is imbued with powers which come directly from the Eternals. The person or persons that is holding the rock is infused with the magical energy of the Eternals, effectively becoming the most powerful god(s) throughout all of Adazuri. It is said that this power cannot be transferred to any other being and it will never dissipate.  
The Plausibility
  In the entire recorded history of time since the Eternals left, there has been no documented proof of any person possessing the syzygy rock or gaining the power of the Eternals. Furthermore, even if a god did receive their powers through the syzygy rock, they would have probably locked it away so that no other Folk could compete for their power. On top of this, if the god did, somehow, lose the rock, it would be impossible to tell if it were the genuine deal.   As a pursuer of knowledge and a believer of many great and magical things in the world, I am hesitate to squash your dreams of this legendary Eternal-esque power. But as adventurers, we must face facts: Most likely, the syzygy rock does not exist. Even if it did exist, whichever Folk used it would have it hidden away on some other Rondure inaccessible to mortals. Even if it did exist and the Folk that used it somehow lost it, there would be no way to tell it was the genuine rock until the Syzygy.   What I am trying to say is, there are many other ways to gain the power of the gods, if that is your desire. There is no reason to take shortcuts by using some imaginary rock. If you want to be a hero, young adventurer, pursue adventures that make this world brighter. Don’t chase after a childish fairy tale.  
The Prophecy
  Every so often, you will hear some form of the Syzygy Rock prophecy spread throughout settlements. The basis of the Prophecy came during the Devil’s Storm, which ended close to the time of the last Syzygy celestial event. The Prophecy states that during the next Syzygy event, a Great Good or a Great Evil will gain possession of the Syzygy rock. The actions of the Great will determine if Adazuri will remain in the light or be suffocated by darkness. The prophecy is dramatic to say the least . . . Not to mention, no world can truly be all light or all dark: a balance must be maintained. But this prophecy has increased the search for the Syzygy rock by both good and evil forces, as Folk want to be in the center of this extremely vague prophecy.
by Robox Invasion
Harold the Halfling Hoarder
Rocks are usually the purvey of Dwarfs and Gnomes. However, Harold is a Halfling from the Northern Knolls known for a single thing: his vast collection of Black Rocks. Every wall in his underground home has a shelf and every shelf is full of rocks, careful categorized by location and probability of being the Syzygy rock. Harold spends his time adventuring through Adazuri, his trusty calendar always counting down the days until the nine celestials combine. After loading up on new rocks, he brings them all home. Organizing them and then starts his journey again. Harold is distrustful of all strangers, convinced they will steal his rocks. And his home has a intricate security system which will vaporize anybody who steps within ten feet of his door. Needless to say, he has no friends. And his family abandoned him years ago. Don’t be like Harold the Halfling. Go on Adventures for Adventures’ Sake.  
Syzygy Scams
  A common scam throughout the Western continent involves scammers speaking loudly about the location of the Syzygy Rock. If naive Folk ask for more information, the scammer sales them a map at a very steep price. Beyond this, more dastardly scammers will have allies hiding at the map’s end location. Upon arrival at the supposed location, the explorers are ambushed. The lucky ones are able to leave with their lives, but never their possessions.

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Jul 13, 2021 03:39 by Dani

I laughed so hard at this--the tone of this article is so great! <3 Well done! Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go see a guy about a rock...

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I feel like this article catches the tone of the narrator more than many of my others.

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What a great tale of... Myth? Scamming? Don't know how to classify this but I know that this prophetic item/tale would maje som hopeful to gain that pwer, I am looking at you Harold the Halfling. Well done and good work!

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Maybe a little of both. A good scam is always rooted in a better myth. You don't need to make up a story if you can capitalize on it!

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I loved it! I love the in-world writing, the story of the rock, and above all... I love Harold the halfling hoarder! Also, amazing stuff with the little vignette as the article's header. I can't believe a "comic" strip for the prompt, that's such a lovely detail and demonstrates your attention to detail <3

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Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'd like to do more comic strip headers in the future.

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