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Fey's Sight

"More commonly thought of as an act of complete bullshit by fey, the act of Fey's Sight has been a tradition of theirs for millenia."
— Unknown


  The act of Fey's Sight is one that has been drip fed to the citizens of the Eight Lands over hundreds of years, leading to the myth of them being able to predict your future if you meet certain requirements that differ based on the specific fey you approach. Some may request a finger be taken from you, other may require some lengthy tasks be performed for them.   When their requirements are fulfilled, the fey then rattle off whatever they believe may be a viable future for the person they are speaking to, usually alluding to some ridiculously beneficial or tragic scenario in their near future.   While the people who approach fey for their so-called prophecy talents, some know that the myth is nothing more than that, but find themselves left with no better way of trying to see the path of their life than to try what has been disputed over the years.   Those who do know the myth and decide to confront a fey about it being false will generally find themselves suddenly impaled.  


  As soon as the requirements are fulfilled and the prophecy is foretold, most fey will run off as fast as they can to avoid any questions or angry people.   When they become out of sight of the person they have scammed, they will usually promptly burst out laughing and run off to find their friends to tell them their new tale. These tales are repeated over the course of potentially years, and should a fey who knows their story come across the same person in the future, they will surely attempt to scam them again.


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Aug 7, 2021 06:38

I like this one. The Fey really are the dicks of the cosmos. Asking for a finger in exchange for a made up prophecy? Pscyhopaths.