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The Keepers

"You want to know your future, eh...... idiot. Gods gave us free will for a reason, but if you are dead set on this path I guess I can tell ya what I know. There are 3 ways that one can know 'bout things that aint happened to you yet:
  1. Using spells I dont know, carve off 2 pieces of your soul. Use one to shatter your mind so when you use the second piece to make a bargain with an eldritch being who's name I cant pronounce you still have some mind left after it shoves your skull full of the knowledge of every possible future you could live.
  2. Track down the Warden, let him know you want an audience with the Keepers, and you are willing to work for it. After you complete the Warden's task and get to talk to a Keeper, you ask them what you want to know, They will give you several chances to back out, but if you persist, they will give you knowledge of the future, for the small cost of you free will. See once something is wrote down the the Grand Story it dont get unwritten easy.
  3. Probably the easiest and least dangerous of the three. It involves a sharp stick and the bum of a sleeping elder dragon. I'll let you figure out the rest."
Jasper Cameron, Leader of the Bronze Ravens
  The Keepers of Secrets, The Keepers of Fate, Writers of the Grand Story, Witnesses of History, while they go by many names, most refer to them simply as The Keepers. Tied to the realm of Possibility on the borders of Order and Chaos, simply getting an audience is enough to have one's name mentioned along those of Maze Walker , Bet, Hovinarri, and other figures of legend. Once an audience has been gained, a favor can be asked, and should you insist on knowing of your future they will allow you to glance upon your part in the Great Story to get the answer to your question. But be warned, reading the words sets those and all before them in stone, and etches them in your mind, for the Writing of Creation is not something one forgets. From the time you read the words until the end of your prophesy you will be but a puppet of fate, helpless in the knowledge that you are dancing to another's tune.


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Jul 5, 2021 22:33

Oh very interesting idea to have the future only be determined once you know it. Lovely introduction text as well, especially the stick in the bum of the Dragon xp

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