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To Chase the Sun

Do not doubt my words. Someday another of their kind will come, as broken and lost as the other. But in that moment, we will not fail. We shall heal him, and mend the tattered places of his mind. And that warrior will need a sword worthy of his quest.
— Tolaro, wise man of the Dheizei
  The Dheizei have a story they like to tell that relates unusually closely to the Humans who live in Tholaren Dome.   This is a fairly recent story, happening less than a hundred years ago, around the year 910 P/DE. This was shortly after the Weinadi elected to remove themselves from associating with humans and their domes at all.


A Dheizei band was wandering when they encountered a human. His name was Jabin Claes, and he was largely considered a madman by those who knew him. He became obsessed with history before the Dome existed, a time from which no concrete data remains. He left his home, got lost, and eventually came to Naoi Oasis, where he was found by the clan.   Despite the recent break from associating with humans, they cared for him and treated him kindly, fed him and gave him water and made sure he could breathe by giving him Raclamote. He thanked them, and out of gratitude left them the sword that he had carried for protection. It was a strange sword, and they had never seen its like from another human.   When Jabin Claes left that oasis, he was raving about the sun. How he had to find it, and the place where it set. That he needed to find a hidden place in the world where it lay. The weinadi tried to point him to the sun, where it shone in the sky, but he insisted there was another, kept in secret. No one ever saw him again.  


  Most of the clan wanted to use the sword, as the gift it was intended. However, Tolaro, an old man of the clan, considered to be wise in the mysteries of the world, insisted that they leave it in the very oasis where Jabin had come.   The others called him foolish. Why waste a well-given gift? And they already knew that Jabin would not return. Someone so broken would not survive long in the harsh wastelands, especially without any weapon.   But Tolaro took it, and concealed it in a place of his choosing. And he warned his people that eventually, another human would come, just as broken as the first, and that he would need the sword, with all its mysteries. The clan doubted his words, but they didn't really have a choice, since Tolaro had already hidden the weapon.


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