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The Lost Predictions of Annabelle the Cloud-Eyes

The Lost Predictions of Annabelle the Cloud-Eyes are a collection of predictions that the powerful seer made in the weeks before her death. The actual contents of the predictions were lost. After her death, many Mages of the time converged on her manor home and a brief Mage War was fought on the grounds and in the halls of the house. Her husband, a fellow Mage, was murdered in the ensuing brawl, and they were survived by their five children, three of whom were born Magical. The dueling skills of the children of Annabelle are a matter of legend on their own, but that is a story for another time.   Most of the Magical lore that Annabelle had gathered over the course of her long life was scattered into the possession of the invading Mages, and many of her writings have never been found, despite extensive treasure hunting. Of course, one very famous prediction of Annabelle's was that Magic would someday surge in quantities never known by mankind, and that it would dance between the fingertips of every living child. This prediction, while not taken terribly seriously at the time, was of course was proven to be true nearly a century after her death, and is what launched her name into historic fame.   Having predicted the rise of Magic, Annabelle's reputation as a seer exploded, starting a gold rush of seekers, especially in the early chaotic years after the rise of Magic. Scholars, treasure hunters, and world leaders have all searched extensively for the other predictions that Annabelle penned in her late life, but without success.    

The Rise of the Powers

I warn the world today. I warn you all of what I have seen.
Today, men shun us and remain distant. They fear what we can do that they cannot.
Today, we fear ourselves. We scrape and battle for Power like
wild dogs fighting for table scraps. We treat the Power as if there is not enough.
I warn the world today. I warn that we cannot continue as we have before.
The stars move to align into a pattern unseen for a thousand years.
My mind's eyes are as blinded as my true ones by the tides of Power.
I watch them crash across the world and I know that we will never be the same.
The Power we scrabble for now will dance between the fingers of every babe.
Those babes will remember the time before them.
They will build a new world, and those of use from the old will be judged.
We must learn to act as teachers.
Before we are exposed as devils.


Today, the legend of Annabelle's predictions is taught as history in classrooms around the world. Most scholars, and therefore, textbooks generally agree that the remaining prophecies are either destroyed or carefully hidden. Whereas the existence of the prophecies is likely common knowledge, many students today forget the details as they do so many others. To them, Magic may as well have always been the way it is.

Variations & Mutation

Since her days, many people have speculated on the content of Annabelle's prediction. As we approach a millennium since her prediction, there are many people who wonder what will happen if the stars align again. There are theories that Magic originated the first time that this event occurred, and that the Power existed before was something different. Some have wondered if Magic will fade from the world again, whereas others teach that Magic will explode again, changing the world's status quo once more.


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