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Prophecy of the 7th Crow

The Prophecy of the 7th Crow says that the 7th Child of the Venistasia Line (starting with Andrei Venistasia will bring a close to the cycle, ending the dark pall over the planet... or ending the life of the planet itself.

The Myth is known to all, though interpreted differently by each. As far as most know, the 6th Crow died without children, and so the myth has no grouns.

The seventh crow does indeed live, however. And it's up to you to see how this prophecy comes to fruition. Will you save saumai, or will you be the final nail in its coffin.

"Seven Crows, each of their own feather and purpose, shall walk this world and make of it themselves as it makes them from itself. Their judgement shall be felt around the world, but none moreso than the last, whose name will bring Saumai to a close. Under red moon and borne on the blood of the skies, this world's tale shall end on the word of the 7th."

"There's no ground to the prophecy," the wizened caster said with a sigh, leaning against his wand-turned cane and staring out through the window. Rain pattered against the glass. "It's based on population decline. After 7 generations of man pass beyond the wounding of Saumai, this land will die. The 7th crow must either fix it, or fail, because once he is gone then population decline will hit a point of rapid dropoff, and within a few years we will all be dead."

He shook his head. "If people had spent less time heeding prophecy and more time doing it themselves, we might not be in this situation."


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