Sovereign Prophecies

The Scrolls

  The Sovereign Prophecies are a series of scrolls which are said to contain hints to the future of the world. The Raitin, who are in possesion of the scrolls, use it actively to make estimations about their ideal course of action.  


  According to the myth the prophet Hakano received visions while spending the night near the Cloud Crater. When he returned to his village he tried to tell everyone what he saw but everybody thought he was speaking in random sentences. Distraught he returned to his home and for 10 days he furiously wrote his visions down guided by the voices of the Sovereigns.   After the 10 days his work was finished and neatly contained in 10 scrolls. When he looked back at them he was amazed at the strange texts he had written down and the drawings he had drawn. He was even more confused since he could not draw very well at all.   For the remainder of his life no one wanted to believe that he had heard the Sovereigns talk to him. It was only after his death when the villages found the scrolls that they grew curious. Especially when one of the described events occurred several days later.  
One should never doubt the path set by the Sovereigns. Those that underestimate the power of destiny will always perish.   They contain everything that was and everything that will be. In their wisdom the Sovereigns have chosen our people to be the guides of the world for only we known the true path. It is a hard path that not everyone is willing to take but we must never back down.
— Raitin teacher to students
Sovereign Prophecies Scrolls by Magellan Tv

Fulfilled Prophecies

by Recto sketch, British Museum

Walking Frogs

The first prophecy that the villagers saw fulfilled was the prophecy of the walking frogs. Not shortly after the death of Hakano the village was overtaken by hunderds of frog that walked like humanoids while holding small laterns and other items. The ones who had seen the drawings of the scrolls immediately noticed the resemblance. The quickly read the text that accompanied it:  
The wise man sleeps near the clouds. Dreams will never end. 10 times the sun goes down and many years to come. All the frogs do walk. When crysal falls in silent pond silence will return.
  The frogs did not leave out of themselves and only after throwing a crystal in the nearby pond the frogs returned to normal. Ever since that event the scrolls became widely known among the Raitin.  

Older Prophecies

  When the villager studied the scrolls they quickly found that the prophecies were numbered. The frog prophecy was not the first by far. Among the already fulfilled prophecies they found crytpic messages that could refer to events such as Magicfall, the migrations of the Dragons, the death of the god Tanajin, and even a prophecy referring to their own The Crystal Dragon myth.  
A crystal from the sky comes to earth. Dragons fight and sun goes dark. When sun rises pillars arise from the clouds.
  This only reinforced the believe that the prophecies were in fact true and could help determine the future.  
Yamaderis misplaced this image by Kefkjaco with heroforge
Yamaderis misplaced this image by Kefkjaco with heroforge

Later Prophecies

  According to the Raitin the prophecies were right several times later. In part some of these prophecies can be linked to historic events. One of the more recent examples is the war between the Pavan Empire and the Raitin.  
North is dangerous before magic falls. Sticks with fire and sticks with lightning who will win. The sun goes on for another day.
  The Raitin used the prophecy as a reason to go to war after hearing that they Pavan Emire made gunpowder weapons (sticks with fire). In the end this war ended in a truce after it went on too long.   Another prophecy that influenced recent events was related to the Nekorians.  
Ships that fly. Cats keep secrets in the ground. Fire in the jungle.
  This prophecy did not work out so well for the Raitin however. They went to the Mizarin Jungle to assault the Nekorians but their airships were plucked from the sky by the Mizarin Nightlight trees.  

Future Prophecies

There is still a large portion of the scrolls that has not transpired yet and the Raitin have various opinions about its meaning.  

The last prophecy

The last prophecy of the scrolls is perhaps the most famous one and also the one with the most speculation regarding it.  
Ships in the sky, ship in stars. New gods among them. Moving the sun or fall in shadow.
  As it is the last of the prophies the Raitin have spend a lot of attention on it and even partially worked it into their religious beliefs. Many of the Raitin think that they are destined to become new gods and go to the stars. They believe that they are the only ones who can stop disaster since the other prophecies were centered around them.   Others think that the text needs to be taking way less literal as previous interpretations where not always fully correct.  
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Author's Notes

This article does not have lots of images or prophecies yet. I will add more in the future and also try to create a drawing for each of them.

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9 Jul, 2021 09:43

I love reading the speculation of the people, and how they acted upon each of the scrolls. Dancing frogs being the sign that got everyones attention feels very gnomish, like who else would work such a joke into their own prophecies?

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Thank you ^^ Yeah I wanted something that was vague that people just speculated on to suit their own needs. And nice that the frog story was liked because that was a bit more of a silly event that would not happen at all normally :p

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I love how the prophecies have impacted recent events with the Ratlin trying to interpret them/use them for their own political means and dramatically failing XD Those walking frogs are fun :p   Does everyone know the prophecies now? Where are the scroll kept? If the leaders of the Ralin? (do they have a king?)

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Thank you ^^ Yes I wanted to have some prophesies that were used for political endeavours, even if they are not smart ones :p The frogs were a silly addition since I wanted to add a strange event that would get everyones attention xp   By now outside people know that the scrolls exists and there are copies of them. But no one besides the Raitin have seen the original ones or the copies. The only things that have been found out about the scrolls are prophesies relating to past events. The ones in relation to the future are kept very securly.

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Learning lots about the Raitin this Summer Camp; I love how you've managed to weave all the prompts together.

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Cryptic prophecies are my favourite. I love the one about the frogs!

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Cryptic prophesies allow for people to predict the wrong stuff :p Yes the frog idea just came to me once I saw that image , I had to use it xp

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