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Sunnis' Children and Their Return

In the book of Gone But Not Forgotten - Tales of Lost Gods there is a story about Sunnis and her children.    There is a legend about champions that would one day right the wrongs of a war long since forgotten between elves and humans that almost caused some of the last of the Masesian's to be killed. For now they are still lost somewhere south of Brechlen and north of Ariya.    As the Earth elemental princess is currently holding another elemental prisoner that would destroy the plane if released she is unable to leave to search for those who once worshiped her. The druids of the Mage Guild of Brechlen watch over and see to her needs in gratitude of her service to the plane.    A long time has passed since her children left her and a new town has been built over the top of her. At this stage even if her children are returned to her she is not sure they will find their place in the world.


This is about the journey of Sunnis' children and their prophesied return to Sunnis after the war is over.

Historical Basis

Back during the war between humans and elves there were many tribes caught in between the two sides. The Masesian's the worshipped Sunnis were a peaceful people who did not partake in the war. This meant they became collateral damage for either side. Sunnis had asked the psychopomp Anubis to take them to safety but he was unable to return them.   Sunnis waits for a champion to bring her children home.


It is not a widely known story as the Guardian's of Sunnis keep her presence under the city of Brechlen a secret.

In Literature

There is a story book that holds a reference to Sunnis and this story as a princess.
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