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Prophecy of Ash

Ashen souls shall bear familiar faces   Ashen souls shall bear death   From the rage-filled ruby, they shall be damned   Ashen souls shall become ashen forms   With a whisper shall an empire fall   The damned shall toil to see all doomed   A damned hand shall guide the world   The world shall fester and bleed   With a blackened blade does the world die   Ash scattered to a lifeless wind.
-Tyrannus Sharvaulus'Dorathen
The prophecy that drove Sharvaulus'Dorathen more than any other, from the moment he had those visions it plagued him as to what it meant. He thought it meant devils or demons, and in a sense, he was not wrong. It was only in the last years of his life that he came to understand the vision. So he began to lay the seeds and tools to cultivate a new future from the grips of disaster. In his last moments, he saw the full truth of the prophecy, the familiar form was that of his eldest son who murdered his father to try and take power, he and his followers were damned by the Firstborn. The rest still looms as an unknown.


Beings with ash for a soul will have their forms turned to ash, a ruby shall damn them, a whisper shall fell an empire, with a blackened blade does the world die, those of ashen form shall create ashen souls.

Historical Basis

To those that know of it, the Prophecy of Ash seems to foretell the creation of the Vortalon, the ashen scaled dragons who were cursed by Kindralth when the crystal moon turn red with fury. The other parts of the prophecy are unknown, and something the newly formed Draz Tyran seeks to protect against


The myth is not widely known, while the Tyrannus at the time was known to have prophetic powers he entrusted the details of this prophecy to none. The only parts that are known were overheard by his brother, Aren'Valesh Keeper of the Tyrannus memory stone, now the god of magic.
Date of First Recording
5600 2A
Date of Setting
To be determined


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