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One Will Rise Again

The dark came and One rose. One fought and light prevailled. Now One rests, until shadows loom. Then One will return.
— The Kalruuthian Prophecy
  Kalruuthians of young and old know of the story of the Heart of the Mountain. The One Will Rise Again is the prophecy written on the walls of Kalruuth's Heart Temple. Apparently, many Masterites would tell the devout followers of the Kalruuthian Faith of the countless visions and dreams they would recieve by Kalruuth himself. These epiphanies, each described in many ways, warn the visionaries of the return of the Dark. However, they must not worry, as One will rise when they (the Dark) return.  


But the One is already here and her name is Taria. If you actually came out of your caves you would see we are blessed by Our Mother's grace.
— A Priest of Taria's Order
There are many across Atharia who disbelieve this myth and call it fearmongering. Many Scholars also deny there being such a time where the world was much larger it was shattered into many pieces. In fact it is taught across the world, that Atharia is infact just one world, the only world; and its up to them to appraciate that.

The Dark

Everyone across Atharia share horror stories of monsters who lurk in the shadows and beasts which have only one goal; destruction. All of these stories were just that, stories. However, there is a stir across the world as more and more Atharians are claiming to have seen ghosts of their long loved ones. There are also mysterious murders occurring in Dawn's Crest. Another occurance is the Solnerii Sand Worm which devestated the village of Smallhorn. With these events happening, more and more people are wondering; perhaps the Kalruuthians are right.
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The Heart of the Moutain

This is the story of the Titan, Kalruuth; who is also referred to as One. The story tells of how the world was once larger, but during an epic war between the Dark, the world was split and the lands of Atharia were left alone. In this effort, Kalruuth gave their life to create other, smaller lives, the Kalruuthians.   Read more about this, here.


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