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Emaxus is currently undergoing a large entry into a new Age (and a large revision of the current Age). Consider this an active construction zone: things are moving around, getting changed, and the world's being reorganized. Apologies for the inconvenience!
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The Fall of Night

In the great forest surrounding the Wild Heart, there are remnants of the civilization Camaerith once belonged to. In these ancient ruins, which predate the Reckoning, there is sometimes an omen or prophecy beautifully etched into the walls. Sometimes, it is in Common, and sometimes, it is in an ancient form of Camaerath, the elvish-adjacent language the Camaerithians speak. But whatever the method of its inscription or the language of its message, the prophecy itself always remains the same.   Eerily dubbed "The Fall of Night," this omen is believed to refer to something to come in the Age of Extant. How a diviner in the Age of Rebirth could discern something at least a thousand years in the future is entirely unknown, but that is par for the course with pre-Reckoning subjects. Sadly, nothing is truly know about what the omen may mean, and those few who are aware of its existence largely ignore it; however, there are a few who believe more research should be done into the omen. They argue that something present in so many different locations that were once inhabited by ancestral Camaerithians cannot be a mere coincidence.   Indeed, they argue it may be important to the very fate of their people.

An Unknown Omen

The prophecy itself is a simple one. It reads, "There comes a day when the mark of the one becomes the mark of many, a challenge shall usher forth the rise of hope." But in its simplicity lies it greatest mystery. The omen gives no hint as to what the exacts of the event may be, nor if the challenge shall be for good or for ill, or what the mark is or means. As such, those few who have bore witness to the Fall of Night in the various ruins and such it calls home have ignored it, believing it to be the mad ramblings of power-drunk scholars and mages from the Age of Rebirth.


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