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Aegiran Ramo

The myth of Aegiran Ramo follows the titular character through his adventures in ancient Aurore. It is often told through simple stories to children at bed-time or to keep them satisfied after a particularly boring class, but the story actually originated as an epic poem written by some ancient unaccredited author.   The story has a very basic, cyclical structure: Aegiran Ramo is met with some insurmountable challenge or task, often one prophesied, and overcomes this challenge through a clever application of wits and magic. Aegiran Ramo was created in direct response to the trend of prophetic tragedies (real world examples include Julius Caesar and Oedipus Rex). One example of a typical Aegiran tale can be found below.   "The hot-white sun rose over the scorched plain as Aegiran trekked, still recovering from his previous battle with the False Hydra just the day before. After traveling for some time, Aegiran, many beads of sweat now trickling from his face, encountered an old man walking the road.   Having performed this song and dance many times before, Aegiran prepared himself to hear his next prophecy, his next task. The man, eyes a-glow and shaking with power, delivered:   'Virtue-less scoundrel, your fate is sealed. Until the day the sister becomes the mother, you shan't gain coin nor camaraderie."   Aegiran simply laughed, and asked the fortune teller if he wished to play a game of Surchess. The teller, confused, and no longer possessed by the energy of the gods, agreed. After some time, Aegiran declared his victory. The teller, confused once more, exclaimed that he was ahead both in pieces and in positioning! But Aegiran did not care for the game of Surchess, no. He had just promoted his Shieldmaiden into a Queen, and the sister had become the mother. Surrendering the game, Aegiran moved on - but not before pocketing the teller's coin purse, unnoticed."

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