The Son of the Gods

Echoing from down the eons is a peculiar tale, or prophecy, about man's lost place within the heavens and how he shall one day reclaim it. This particular prophecy, "the Son of the Gods," is part of the Shalks' religious literature. However, there are many similar stories like this around the world and throughout most cultures. For many comparative literalists, this common theme was simply seen as a natural derivative of the Human condition- that of man viewing himself as apart from nature and tying himself to the gods of the heavens. However, with the realization that Johorne is a Colony, these stories have been shifted into the view of a new light. Instead, these tales and prophecies are now seen as some of the last lines of oral evidence of Johorne's population's cosmic origin. The idea that man came from the stars and was stranded here, only to eventually, hopefully, rise back up to the heavens, is surely the now corrupted, or transformed, words of hope of conscious men and women who were cut off from their brothers and sisters among the stars so many eons ago.     The particular text of "the Son of the Gods" is not too different from many of the other stories with a similar subject around the world, however there are definitely some curious similarities between "the Son of the Gods" and the stories of the Salija-Hjeru religion in Buluragia. This fact has led to speculation as to how old the faith of Kurkites really is, and that the region of modern day Shaluach may once have been among its flock.   The general path of the narrative goes as such: Man was created in the image of Heaven, lovingly tended to by the Divine. Yet, through Man's own folly, he was cast, or fell, down from the stars. Lost in sin and vice, Man forgot his own heritage and lived savagely. Yet for Man not all hope is lost; the Man of the Heavens came down to be among Man and gave him the knowledge of the Divine and of Heaven that he so unfortunately lost. Hope then remains that Man will one day arise back unto the Heavens with this Divine knowledge.


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