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The Killing of Screistú, the Lich King of Thír

And so Beic drove his blade deep into the thorax of Screistú channeling all the power granted to him by Dú. A blaze of fiery judgement erupted from Screistú's chest burning away the unnatural life. At the same time Dasua sealed Screistú's uaruard in a demiplane, locking away his life force and ending the reign of the Lich King.  
The Killing of Screistú, the Lich King of Thír Bard Cheith
This story, often told around campfires and tavern hearths, recounts the tale of Beic, Dasua, and Thiamhiacai, legendary adventurers who frequent many myths and legends. This specific tale is of the adventurer's triumph over Screistú, the Lich King of Thír. Screistú reigned for a long time over the land of Thír, subjugating its people and stealing their life force to live forever. Many adventurers attempted to kill the Lich King, but it wasn't until Beic received a vision from Dú, God of Order, that his defeat occured.


Beic, Dasua, and Thiamhiacai were well known adventurers in the world. Beic, a paladin of Dú travelled the world seeking redemption for his past. Dasua, a mighty mage sought the knowledge of ever-lasting life through pure means. Thiamhiacai, a thief-turned-adventurer seeking treasure and glory in the world at large.   Screistú, a mage born centuries prior who ascended to lichdom and subjugating the people of Thír, ruled from his inverted fortress, a giant sinkhole turned into a castle and surrounded by a city of undead minions.   The adventures, having gather power and magical items, were prepared to take on the Lich King. Their most prized treasure was the legendary sword Sciad, a powerful artefact. Fearing they might still be unprepared to face Screistú, the party used a piece of Mod's Chalk, to scry the outcome of using the sword on the Lich King. They found it an ill portent and opted for another plan of attack. In the midst of the battle, the discovered Sciad was originally the sword of Screistú and attacking him with it would have spelt their demise.    In the end, the adventurers killed the Lich King and freed the people of Thír.

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