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The Six Return


The following is the contents of the scroll containing The Six Return, written in Primordeal:    
The following is what I have seen within the pale prism light:
A green eye that sees nature's wrath,
A red eye that sees blood's power,
An orange eye that sees the arcane,
A blue eye that sees all in shadow,
A purple eye that sees all weaknesses,
A yellow eye that sees all that is celestial.
I see many warriors and casters,
Many killers and healers,
Many thinkers and doers,
People from every background and every strength
They gather with the Colors,
and are their true power.
But I see another entity,
It exists between us and them,
It chooses to help them,
It chooses to change them,
To hurt us more,
and more like us.
It is the pale prism light,

It is the Six and they are it,

It is The Entity,

It is our doom,

It is the end of existence,

It is oblivion.


The scholar and divination wizard that wrote this was well known for research and knowledge about daemons. The scholar's name and very existence was forgotten, but this scroll was found in an abandoned house. The tax collector who retrieved the scroll said that there was a multicolored light in the shape of a humanoid motioning him to take the scroll. The tax collector then stated having no knowledge of why he was in the house.
Many scholars have tried to identify what this scroll means. It has been agreed upon that the "us" is the Arunians and the "them" is daemons. Additionally, each of what the eyes see corresponds to what the Color of the Six was able to do in life. Nothing else was able to be determined from the writing, but some religious organizations have predicted a coming of evil around the same time as this scroll was found.

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