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Bound Series
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The Lycan Prophecy

Contains MAJOR spoilers for the Bound Series.
Read with caution.

Prophecy Truths

Just like many prophecies that are foretold, some are told in the form of stories. And not every story has a good or bad ending, just like not everything is black and white. There are even prophecies that don't come true. But how do we know that for sure...

The lycan prophecy first came to be in 1487 EoL when the four reigning Alphas of the current packs (White Mountain Pack, Silver Forest Pack, Shadow Lake Pack, and the Blue Desert Pack) each received dreams connecting their Lunas to a gruesome death at the hands of the Itude Empire. The Alphas banded together in whatever way possible to save their mates, thus leading them toward a dark and twisted fate.   The prophecy was unlike anything that the Alphas had heard of. Upon telling each other of the dreams and how similar they were, the Alphas concluded that in order to stave off a deadly attack by the empire, they had to wipe out Empress Sin-Yeona Cheonsa, and bring the emperor to his knees. The assassination was the cruelest thing the Alphas ever did, sending Emperor Vladimir Tepes into a broken mindset that pushed him to start the very war that the Alphas saw.  

The Conflict

When the Alphas arrived the palace in the captial city of Vol'nische, they waited for the emperor and empress to be alone before attacking them and slaughtering Sin-yeona before her husband. The emperor, soulbroken over the ordeal, vowed vengeance upon her demise. The Alphas mocked her death in front him before leaving him with her dead corpse. All Emperor Vlad could do at the time was carry her back to the palace and have her reported as missing in the Zenith Emporium Front Page as of the next morning.  

The Aftermath

Once returning to their packs, the Alphas went to bed, believing everything to be fixed. Upon sleeping, they dreamed of a woman's voice telling them of the prophecy. The Alphas awoke and wrote the prophecy down, confirming it with each other and vowing to protect their mates and the wolf species from any intermixing with an "infernal" species, such as the vampires.   As news of Empress Sin-yeona's death spread through the continent, accusations were made. Emperor Vlad knew that he had to out the Alphas to the Ordnance Alliance for their vicious, cruel, and selfish tactics. Yet, the Alphas twisted the Emperor's words, calling him grief-stricken and driven mad. The Ordnance Alliance took the Alphas' side and warned Emperor Vlad not to do anything drastic, especially since there was no "proof" of an assassination. The Emperor ignored their warnings and lashed out with the first invasion on Sroqo 25th, 1492 EoL.  


Due to the assassination being word of mouth, the Ordnance Alliance could not believe the emperor's accusations. Instead, they were forced to side with the Alphas, who harbored alibis. And because of this, the prophecy came true, as in 2016 EoL the Crown Prince Kěith Cheonsa and Alpha Heir Jack McClain found each other as mates trapped between waring sides.

Table of Contents


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The Moonlight Expanse Prophecy
Quick Facts
Date of Setting:
1487 EoL
Related Species:
Related People:
Alpha Axel Croix
Alpha Herrick James
Alpha Lysander Snippet
Alpha Matrius Connor
Bavara, the Moon
Sin-Yeona Cheonsa
Vladimir Tepes
Related Organizations:
Itude Empire
Moonlight Expanse
Related Conflicts:
The Chymoús War


It is unknown what the prophecy means, but the Alphas had a feeling it meant that a vampire and werewolf would be mates in the future and that it would, somehow, cause the downfall of their species.
Recorded in the Alpha Journals kept by each Alpha of every pack is the tale of a prophecy yet to be fulfilled. Set nearly five years before the crown prince of the Itude Empire was born, there were four reigning Alphas of the Moonlight Expanse that worked with the Itude Empire through peaceful times. The Empire and Expanse had been the same for nearly two hundred years, keeping all thoughts of chaos and agony at bay.   Then came a a fateful night when the Alphas dreamt of a vision that was said to come from their worst nightmares. They awoke with a start, fearing what they say. Without speaking of it, to their mate or the other Alphas, each Alpha kept the dream to themself, seeing it repeat to them every night in their dreams, and each morning waking in a cold, icy sweat.   A month passed with each Alpha keeping their dream a secret. Yet, it was apparent that something was ailing them. Each of their healths had declined, with bags under their eyes and sucken cheekbones. The dreams were not to be taken lightly. As the Alphas began a meeting to discuss what kind of help each pack needed for the month, their apparent health caught the attention of everyone present. Soon, the Alphas were forced to admit the truth. The surprise twist to them? Their dreams were one in the same.   Lysander was the first to speak...  
As many Alphas can dream of their mates in danger, never before had a dream been shared across packs, let alone of the same origin. In the desolate landscape of black and white, war raged between the Itude Empire and Moonlight Expanse. Bloodshed was the least of the Alphas' worry.

Among the center of the bloodshed were two shadowy figures standing side by side. One had glowing red eyes with silver flecks and the other gold. The golden-eyed figure shifted into a wolf and the red-eyed figure hopped onto the wolf's back, like he had done it a thousand times. The wolf could only be an Alpha as the vampire's silver-flecked eyes marked him as a Luna.

Lysander wasn't sure, but there were distinct traits in both of the figures. The vampire had a fiery soul to resembles passion, like a pack's Luna, and the wolf contained an icy soul to resemble the dominance an Alpha must carry.
  That was where Alpha Lysander's dream ended. Each Alpha looked at one another. Who would speak next? Silence echoed throughout each Alpha office until one Alpha could no longer bare it. Sitting forward in his seat was Alpha Axel. This young Alpha spoke of a tale much darker...  
Axel saw a dark forest full of fog. Through the fog stepped four new figures, but the glow of their eyes was like nothing the Alpha had ever seen before. These eyes were purple, piercing his soul, and from there he knew these people were a mix of something twisted and deadly.

The dream turned sour, forcing him into a run as the people changed and shifted into wolves as tall as houses, their purple glowing eyes lighting up the darkness. Axel couldn't believe what he was and his dream would end shortly as a shadowy figure with red eyes and a golden-eyed shadowy figure walked in between the giant wolves, undetered about what stood before him.
  As the young Alpha finished the tale of his dream, Alpha Herrick would step in and claim to have seen the same thing. Fear shook each of the Alphas as if the fate of all wolves were in danger.   That night, as each Alpha laid their head down to rest, the saw a new dream. One basking in the bluish-white glow of the moon. From there, they heard a sweet voice, speaking a riddle none could understand:  
The day wolves howl together,
A forbidden love shifts to power.
As a lone vampire's heart burns of fire,
The forests shrink from the crossfire.
When spring turns to summer in a trice,
One wolf's heart becomes that of ice.
  Once the riddle was spoken, the Alphas were given a warning regarding their mates. If they wanted to protect their Lunas, they had to ensure that vampires would never bring harm to another wolf, they would adhere to anything the Moon Goddess desired. In the end, they took it upon themselves to come up with a plan to eradicate all vampires from the continent of Chymoús.

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