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The Coldest Hunt

There exists a legend in Loup-Garou culture that speaks of ‘The Coldest Hunt.’ Details are vague, and our CILs were hindered by the loups' well known unwillingness to hold a peaceful conversation with their superiors. However, we were able to parse a few details.
  1. This hunt will take place when the Wolf Moon rises, as stated by the short verse we recovered. After some research into the cultures of Midgard, we’ve been able to identify that “the wolf moon'' is the identifier of the full moon occurring in the Midgard month of ‘January.’ This aligns with the rest of the verse, which describes snowy conditions.

  2. ‘Colors fill the sky,’ we take to refer to the Aurora Borealis.
  The CILL is more than aware that the Aurora Borealis is purported to be a path to another realm. However, centuries of study have not yielded any way to gain access to or utilize this ‘path,’ and the official CILL position is that it’s no more than a bedtime story.
  Further, even if the loups sing of this same legend, the CILL has full confidence in the inability of loup society to access such a path. After all, what can a mangy pack of dogs accomplish that the full might of Celestial Will was unable to?
  However, in the spirit of the Principles and in accordance with CDP #447, we will continue to monitor the loups for any additional details.

On the night the wolf moon rises
And colors fill the sky
When snowfall stings the paws
And noses, air does bite
The lone wolf leaves the pack
To seek the coldest hunt
He won't return this lifetime
The gods, he will confront
Loup-Garou nursery rhyme


  THE CELESTIAL AUTHORITY HAS BANNED ALL TRAVEL TO OUTSIDE REALMS   If a CIL catches a loup accessing the Aurora Borealis for travel purposes, EXTERMINATE WITH EXTREME PREJUDICE.   You may think to yourself “I’ll watch this loup, learn their secret, and bring it to a higher level for reward and promotion.” Absolutely do not do this! Your commitment to PoP #10 is commendable but MISPLACED.   Allowing a loup (or any other being) to leave this realm will result in immediate recommendation for the highest possible disciplinary plan.


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