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Legend of the Various and the Shard.

Being a tale focused on the foolishness of fortune telling, and listening to things that have no credit, the tale has spread far and wide throughout the Empire of the Son, mostly through a bit is bitterness to the Higher Creations, and their stuck up lectures about the future, and how certain Various Creations will become great leaders, only to get killed in battle the next day.


The myth center around not trusting strange things, that you cannot begin the comprehend. The story focuses on a Various, though certain version branch off, doing the bidding of a stone that claims to be a shard of void. After doing many tasks, the shard asks the Various to break the shard, after which a great black monster erupts from the broken stone, and devours the Various, as well as the camp is was living in. It also focuses on his ever growing need for the consultation of the shard, as it c,aim to be able to predict the futrue, and that all it's tasks will make his future better when in reality it was just buttering him up, to let it free.


First originating within the Glutton Campers, it quickly spread through the ranks of the Various Creations, becoming a popular myth, and often told before movement or battle. The Higher Creations do not think much of it however, this may be because it criticizes their lifestyle.

Variations & Mutation

The biggest variation between versions is the either long and detailed part about the tasks that were put upon the Various by the shard, and the ending. With the Glutton Campers, the story is much more focused on the betrayal of the camp, and the devouring of the Various's comrades. This may be because Glutton camps are more intertwined then other camps. In the The Tower, and the camps on the moutains bordering Eden, the story focues on the telling of the adventures that the Various went on, rather than the main moral. This is most likely a result of the laid back, and very "last day on earth" type of mentality within those on the front lines.
Date of First Recording
Year of 53
Date of Setting
Year of 47
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