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Laplace's Deamon

Laplace's deamon is a hypothetical computer virus that would be present on all digital entities and that could use this data to predict the future. This virus is inspired by Laplace's demon, a thought experiment that describes that an intelligent entity could predict the future from a total knowledge of the universe at a given time.  

The Legend of the Deamon

  After her death on October 18, 2082, published 3 scientific papers that described how an ultra-computer could predict major events from the information of all electronic devices. The computer could have an accuracy of about one minute and a prediction horizon of 30 years depending on the computing power, the quality of the model and the amount of information.   The press impact was immediate and many researchers studied the subject and came to the consensus that such a program would not exist for 200 years. At the end of his third article, Sung predicts 3 major events with an accuracy of one quarter which came true in the following 3 years.   For every predicted event, opinions diverged between the existence of computer viruses and the masterminding of these events by Sung. Even today, there is no evidence of the existence of Laplace's deamon, but the UN is putting huge amounts of resources into deciphering Sung's personal data.
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Date of First Recording
18 october 2082

Laplace's Deamon Timeline

  • 2082: Posthumous publication of Sung Sun-Hwa on Laplace's deamon.
  • 2082-2085: Predictions given by Sung Sun-Hwa have come true.
  • 2089: Discovery of a replicating virus that can change its signature and that dates back to the 80'.
  • 2090: The UN opens a project to deal with Laplace's deamon.

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