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The Prediction of the Raven Quill

Prediction of a curse broken

A rare rose blooms between the weeds, an innocent on the run. The abandoned city no longer abandoned, the untamed tamed. The truth will be revealed and a curse broken.
— White Raven Quill


The Quill, was made by the Conspiracy of the White Raven for their leader, his name is lost in history. But when he wanted to write with it, the quill refused to write the words. He tried many kinds of ink, but again the quill refused. Angry because the leader liked the quill so much, he abandoned the thought of writing. He laid the quill next to the parchment and walked away. When the leader came back, he was surprised to see there was writing on the parchment. He took the parchment and started to read the words. It was a prediction about a revolting Sea serpent, which would resulted in the death of a hundred souls.
The Dark moon high up in the black night, a large city lit up with millions of flames. A Sea Serpent in revolt, the city of rust, is drowning. The island lost.
— White Raven Quill
The leader was shocked, who would write such a thing? But when he looked at the quill, it was writing on the next piece of parchment. Without ink or without assistance of a human hand. From that day the quill and an unlimited supply of paper is kept in the Temple of the White Raven.

Cultural Reception

Not many outside the Conspiracy are believing that the quill is writing the future, still the Temple is visited daily by many. The prediction, about a curse broken, was the second prediction of the quill. But it never came to be. As far as the Conspiracy knows, only the prediction about a curse broken, the second prediction of the quill, never came to be. Or maybe it's still waiting for the right moment.

More Predictions

The quill wrote more predictions, those are kept in large books which are standing in the Library of the White Raven temple. This library is not freely accessible, it is for only member of the Conspiracy. If there is a question about a prediction, one of the Ravens will go down and looks it up.

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