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The dragon's vane

This is a cautionary folktale about a clever young woman. She spent many of her days reading, discussing, and practicing. One day she was walking home from archery practice, mumbling about ways to hone her aim to an even greater degree. Up the road from her perched on a rock chewing on a apple was a young dragon with turquoise scales. The dragon fascinated by the young woman who didn't even note his majesty as she passed started following her. As they approached the town the dragon turned himself invisible. He hatched a plan for a little fun. He shape changed to her form when she had went to rest. In the morning, many things were wrong. Several had seen her as parts of the disturbances, and soon she was sent away for a time to learn her lesson. In three years time she could return if she was willing.   The girl traveled to her uncles home, which lay three days away. Along the way she noticed something following her. The dragon was keeping an eye on the ignorant to his own mind girl. He did not mean to get her sent away, he meant for her to be reprimanded but went overboard with his fun. As the first day passed the dragon decided to help her a bit, and when she rested, dropped off some fruit into her bag. The girl was reasonably wary but was hungry. The second day the dragon noticed she was cold, and set about remedying this as well. The girl woke to deer sleeping about her.   The third day she decided to call out to her mystery follower, and it drew terrible attention. Bandits heard her and decided to take her captive to ransom. The dragon was incensed. It could not act though as he was alone and the bandits were many, and the girl was there. He decided to go to the uncle's town. He changed to a boy and told the uncle after finding him about what happened. The uncle of the girl was incensed and gathered the guard. The dragon decided to help. He followed the guards and uncle to track the bandits and girl. When they found them, the girl was bound but seemed unhurt.    The dragon resumed the boy form and when the guards and uncle attacked, ran forward and cut the girl loose. Only she could see the talon he used. He apologized and then engaged the bandits from behind. Some say that the dragon felt more than guilt, and perhaps its true. It is said that the family's magic comes from dragons.

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